CORE & PURE aims at helping their customers derive the best benefits of the essential oils


The market of Essential Oils has seen a rise even during the pandemic, According to the Market Research, India is considered as one of the Largest producer of Essential Oils, realising its enormous potential, entrepreneur Priyanka Sachdeva thought about tapping into this market.

After spending Five years researching about the essential oils and their immense benefits, Priyanka Sachdeva decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge with CORE & PURE, a startup that sells Essential Oils that are Purely Vegan and Cruelty Free; taking forward her aim to serve the customers with Purity and Potency of the essential oils.

To her surprise, sourcing the Purest Essential Oil was a herculean task, because there were hardly any brands offering the purest Essential Oils in Indian market as it is exported in other countries.

Priyanka says,”The market is dotted with a lot of brands, and not everyone is offering essential oils with all the therapeutic benefits. Most of the players are giving synthetic and mixed Essential Oils, which are mere fragrance with no therapeutic benefits, In Indian market, awareness and the use of Essential Oils are increasing, but as compared to the demand, the supply is not adequate, as the companies are not there which are offering Grade-A Essential Oils,” Still In Natural space, companies are offering Herbal, Organic, Safe and Natural products whereas Essential Oils are more than Natural products and the most Purest and Potent offering from Mother Earth,” says Priyanka.

She further reiterates,”Future is right here with Essential Oils as these are the most powerful form of the oldest medicinal systems. On an average Essential Oils are 50 times more Powerful than Herbs.CORE & PURE was born to provide age old and time-tested benefits of Grade-A, Essential Oils which are from 100% Natural Origin and Potent that nature can offer. We source most the products directly from the farmers and process in our own Ayurvedic Manufacturing facility,”

According to Priyanka Sachdeva, Founder, CORE & PURE,”We aim to embark a pure and potent relationship with the customers, each product undergoes meticulous quality checks from conceptualization to final product to ensure highest quality not only to meet but also exceed international standards,”

She concludes,”All products are certified under Ministry of AYUSH, and we are serving our customers not only in India but Globally as well.”

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