Healthcare App claims fastest pharmacy delivery in Delhi NCR

Mr. Satish Singh, Founder of MY LYF CARE
Mr. Satish Singh, Founder of MY LYF CARE

Delhi NCR, November 2021– Delhi based healthtech startup app MY LYF CARE, claims to have the fastest pharmacy delivery in Delhi NCR from the nearest local vendor, connecting local pharmacies and patients directly.

The app is based on the OTO (Offline-to-online) model, born out of pandemic connecting offline healthcare service providers like doctors, test labs and pharmacies at an online platform directly to the end-user from your nearest local vendor, unlike other chain based apps. MY LYF CARE unlike other health apps is supporting local and offline businesses by connecting nearby local pharmacies for the fastest 30 min deliveries. They are handling the logistic part and customer service part to make them satisfied with the services. The company is also providing 30-40% discounts across pharmacies.

MY LYF CARE aims to provide users with all kinds of healthcare services at their fingertips and ensure that every person gets easy access to healthcare. It also provides services based on Covid emergencies like verified ambulances, blood banks, plasma donation channels, cloud medical reports, heartbeat, speedometer, BMI calculator etc.

“Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable so that the people of all categories can get treatment and facilities at minimum time and at minimum cost with best results” mentions Mr Satish Singh, Founder of MY LYF CARE.

The app was designed and developed after Mr Satish Singh realized the lack of medical infrastructure in India, especially with respect to services in rural areas. Thus, with a mission to help make health care more accessible to all Indians, he created MY LYF CARE.

Google Play App: MyLyfCare App