“Mental Health of millions is affected by COVID-19 Pandemic – Here’s how one can seek help from these platforms”


For many people, the lack of social interaction caused by the pandemic has had a profound effect on their mental health. People have suffered from severe anxiety, lifestyle disorders, depression, insomnia, work-related stress, and loneliness before as well, which leads to self-doubt and self-harm, the pandemic and the lockdown have only brought these issues to the surface. While social distancing and self-isolation is at its peak, the need for mental help is more evident than ever.

The importance of mental health is more than ever, and urges the need for quality mental health care in the country as more and more players enter this space. Most importantly, this is essential for the country’s long term growth, wellbeing and economy, since the wellbeing of people contributes greatly to economic and social productivity.

Many industry experts also believe that the demand for such service is only going to increase given
the uncertainty caused due to Covid-19. We have listed down five platforms which are working towards the welfare of mental health in India.

Here are five platforms which are providing mental health and de-addiction services to make it easy for one who’s seeking for help:

Sukoon Health Hospital, established in February 2020, is India’s first specialized hospital for Mental Health and De-Addiction. Founded by two young Social entrepreneurs Vidit Bahri and Kanishk Gupta – Sukoon offers comprehensive treatment for the full spectrum of Mental Health related conditions. It combines cutting edge technology with unparalleled patient care to provide the best clinical care in the country. To assure quality, the clinical program at Sukoon is managed by Fortis Mental Health.

The facility is spread across 15000 sq/ft and designed in accordance with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) standards. It specializes in acute psychiatric hospitalization and ensures seamless treatment through its integrated network of over 20 clinicians. The facility is equipped with 3
psychiatric ICUs, a first of its kind in India, and end-to-end self-harm prevention technology. Sukoon’s tele-counseling service is also available not just for patients but anyone who is feeling anxious, depressed or helpless at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

YourDOST , a platform which is a way to connect those who are suffering from mental illnesses with mental health experts. It has been offering counselling in relationships, self-improvement, well-being, education, and career, ever since its inception in 2014. With the option to stay anonymous during chat, phone, or video call sessions, there is an escalated level of comfort that individuals have when
seeking help.

Wysa is essentially an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot created to address mental health concerns.
This innovative idea to enable mental health welfare in the country came from Jo Aggarwal in 2015. The chatbots are designed by coaches, users, AI experts and therapists to ensure an effective and credible experience. In the current times, Wysa is providing support to those who have been subject
to anxiety and vulnerability.

Trijog, a mumbai-based holistic mental wellness platform that provides access to emotional and mental wellness solutions to individuals, corporates, educational institutes, enterprises etc. Specifically designing a way to keep Indians mentally healthy in times of the COVID-19 crisis, Trijog is currently providing discounted solutions for people facing increased mental difficulties. It has the provision of webinars and online counselling too. It is also affiliated with the Rehabilitation Council
of India.

Innerhour is a startup founded by Dr Shefali Batra and Dr Amit Mailk in 2016. The app launched by them is a wholesome guide that has been curated by mental health professionals with the right attitude, values, and skill set. The app, which can be used by anyone over the age of 18, is a tool for customised self-help, and provides digital therapy – a bonus, especially in the times of a pandemic.

Based in Mumbai,

Innerhour empowers people to overcome mental and emotional hardships. Their goal is to ensure that all users find themselves happier and healthier. The team comprises psychologists, product designers, and developers.