PIOR Living Brings Ancient Korean Health Remedy, Bamboo Salt, to US Market

Irvine, CA, December 09, 2023 –Today, PIOR Living, a top ancient remedy and wellness supplement company, introduces a new Bamboo Salt product line to complement ayurvedic health products, Chyawanprash and Ghruta ghee.

Bamboo Salt, an Ancient Superfood and Remedy
Bamboo salt is a mineral-rich salt of very high purity and alkalinity. Its origins stretch back over one thousand years when it was first developed by Buddhist monks in Korea and used as a medicinal treatment. It’s produced by putting sun-dried sea salt into bamboo stalks, which are then roasted multiple times under high heat to remove toxins, increase the mineral content, and boost alkalinity.

The Salt Myth Debunked; It’s Actually a Superfood
The introduction of a high-quality salt comes at a pivotal time as evidence mounts in favor of the health-promoting qualities of salt, and previous claims about the unhealthiness of salt are debunked.

“Sodium is essential to health and resides in the extracellular fluid, regulating plasma volume as well as cellular transport. It serves many physiological functions, including nutrient absorption and maintaining fluid balance,” explains the authors of a BMJ article.

Not all Salt is Created Equal
Most salts, even natural ones like Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt, are contaminated with microplastics and heavy metals. As consumers become more aware about the risks associated with the toxins lurking in salt and other foods, bamboo salt is poised to meet the increasing consumer demand for safer, healthier products.