Plix Launches New Range of Female Intimate Health and PCOD Care Products

Mumbai, May 2022: Plix recently launched a new range of female intimate health, PCOD and vaginal care products. After a great response to its clean nutrition and wellness products, the launch of the new range marks Plix’s entry into the feminine intimate wellness space.

As per estimates, over 23% Indian women suffer from menstrual health issues, and nearly 6% women have to endure sexually transmitted and other urinary tract infections every year. Apart from these, PCOD or PCOS, has become a major cause of worry for Indian women with prevalence in women ranging from 3.8% (under 19 years of age) to 16.81% (20-29 years of age), and 11.58% (30-39 years of age). The biggest reason for prevalence of PCOD and other such problems is the lack of awareness and lack of access to sustainable, natural and effective solutions that can provide relief to women from PCOD.

As one of the fastest growing clean plant-based labels, Plix’s new range of feminine intimate wellness products addresses PCOD and other problems effectively. Timely intake of these solutions can relieve affected women of this menace and help them live a more comfortable, healthier and enjoyable life.

Speaking about this, Akarsh Zaveri, Co-Founder, Plix, said, “Women’s health is one of the most under-discussed areas of healthcare in India. Despite all the attention on women empowerment, there hasn’t been adequate emphasis on major feminine health issues especially problems like PCOD. This in turn, serves as a base for several other diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver and obesity etc., that impact the quality of life adversely. At Plix, we are committed to all-round wellness for our female consumers, and the new range of products is aimed at addressing PCOD as well as some of the most prevalent and discomforting problems faced by the women.”

Adding further, Akash, said, “Continuing our emphasis on finding natural, impactful and sustainable solutions for health and wellness related problems, we have created these formulations after extensive research and on the basis of the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that has withstood the test of time. Our aim is to provide every woman with affordable and impactful as well as completely natural solutions for her intimate, menstrual or vaginal health problems. We have introduced four distinct products in this range, and will expand it further as per the need of our audience in the times to come.”

Founded in March 2019, Plix offers a wide range of plant-based, chemical and preservatives free products across categories such as weight loss, hair and skin nutrition, daily wellness, women’s health, and workout supplements.

The products on offer include:

PCOD Care – PCOD is one of the most challenging problems for women, and PCOD Care aims to correct the menstrual cycle and restore the delicate and difficult to achieve hormonal balance in the body. These are capsules containing eight powerful ingredients including Eurocyst, Shatavari and Inositol, and capable of making women feel healthy and rejuvenated.

Women’s True Cycle – It is an all-natural solution designed with a meticulous selection of herbal extracts including Manjistha, Ashoka, and Gokshura. Together, these herbs work to support timely ovulation, uterine health, and hormonal balance, restoring a normal and timely cycle.

Women’s Flo Positive – Women’s Flo Positive has been formulated to address the pain and discomfort associated with periods. It is an all-natural product containing renowned Ayurvedic ingredients in the form of a tablet that can be taken twice a day.

Plant Based Women’s V-Hygiene Tablets for Abnormal Vaginal White Discharge – The Plix Life Women’s V-Hygiene has been formulated after extensive research and includes a blend of 9 Ayurvedic herbs renowned for their feminine health benefits. It can help women overcome hygiene related challenges such as abnormal discharge, pain or discomfort.