Protect yourself from the Coronavirus with Edhini’s Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray

Sanitizers and Disinfectant Sprays have become a pivotal part of our lives, owing to the ongoing pandemic situation. Adjusting to the new normal and getting back to regular activities, one thing that will become essential for every individual to carry will be Disinfectant spray. Analysing the scenario, Grafdoer under its Health & Wellness Brand ‘Edhini’ introduced Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray available in 300ml container, made from natural ingredients.

disinfectant sprayEdhini’s Disinfectant spray assures purifying your place and destroying the germs (99.9%) which although present is invisible to bare eyes. An effective Germ killer this spray is not only suitable for soft surfaces and hard surfaces like tables, doorknobs, keys, packages etc. but also hands too due to its natural ingredients which are safe on skin. In fact, people with sensitive skin too van use this spray. Edhini’s disinfectant spray has a naturally pleasant fragrance and is easy to carry. It convenient packaging and size also makes it convenient to carry while travelling.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder, Edhini, “Edhini is launched with an aim to bring a difference in the market with quality products that are not just safe and effective in terms of eliminating germs but is also safe on the skin with the natural ingredients used in it. We want to bring in a revolution in the sanitary products available in the market and at the same time contribute our bit to the economy.”

Grafdoer announced its entrance into the Health & Wellness segment with its subsidiary brand ‘Edhini’ last month. ‘Edhini’ is derived from a Sanskrit word which means the Earth, hence, the product line-up under the brand name consists of natural ingredients which are purely Made in India. Mr. Vinay Jain plans to introduce more product variants under the brand name soon.