Swedish skin cancer diagnostic start-up AI Medical Technology completes the latest stage in its ongoing strategic transformation…

Stockholm, Sweden, May 15, 2024 – AI Medical Technology, developer of Dermalyser, a smartphone-based tool capable of diagnosing skin cancer with higher sensitivity and specificity than trained dermatologists, has appointed two key new members to its board of directors.

The first is Emil Billbäck. As the CEO of the highly successful company BoneSupport, Billbäck has led the company’s rapid commercialization of its pioneering Orthobiologics platform, rendering a share price appreciation of over 800% over the past five years.

Speaking on Billbäck’s appointment, Christoffer Ekström, AI Medical Technology’s CEO, says: “Having Billbäck join us is a huge affirmation that the hard work we are putting into saving patients’ lives with Dermalyser is not only providing a societal benefit, but also addressing a strong commercial potential. Billbäck will be a mentor to my team and guide my personal transformation from an R&D CEO into a commercial one.

“BoneSupport is a highly innovative company transforming an outdated standard of care in the field of orthopedic surgery. We at AI Medical Technology intend to follow a similar path and aspire for Dermalyser to improve and replace current melanoma diagnosis workflows.”

The second new member of AI Medical Technology’s team is Peter Löwendahl. As the holder of over 15 Data Protection Officer and Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance roles, Löwendahl’s work at AI Medical Technology will be focused on regulatory clearance for Dermalyser, as well as securing reimbursement.

“Both clearance and reimbursement are key for our company,” says Ekström. “We have an incredible technology with a truly unique value proposition and fantastic user feedback. Our next step is ensuring that we are fully compliant with robust reimbursement model in place ahead of a successful market launch.”