The Pleasure Playbook by Domina: Pee Safe Launches an Exclusive Online Platform for Women

The Pleasure Playbook by Domina

Delhi: Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand has built an online platform named The Pleasure Playbook by Domina. The idea is to build a safe and exclusive community for women to hold conversations on personal topics such as sex, health and wellness.

Despite the rapid strides made by India in almost all walks of life, there is negligible support when it comes to creating a conducive environment for women to talk about important personal matters related to their sexual health and life. Such discussions are considered taboo and usually not held even among couples or women themselves. The Pleasure Playbook by Domina is aiming to address this gap.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder & CEO, Pee Safe said, “It is quite surprising to see the lack of awareness and information on a fundamental topic like sex in India. We live in the land of Kamasutra, but even a free discussion on these things is considered a taboo. There is undoubtedly enough curiosity and desire for discussion as evident by the fact that India is the second most populated country in the world. This suppression of information and tagging any talk about the topic of pleasure, intimate hygiene and health has caused significant damage to the physical and mental wellness of many. Through The Pleasure Playbook by Domina, we aim to build an empathetic environment to discuss, understand and encourage all genders, especially women, to come forward and own their sexuality with complete freedom.”

The platform has been launched at a very crucial time since censorship is prevalent to such an extent that sexual health is not even included in the medical curriculum for clinical medicine in India. There is also no structured or dedicated educational curriculum for sex education in schools and colleges.

In such a scenario, 17% of all births in the country are attributed to the below 20 mothers, and nearly 14% of all pregnancies in the country are unplanned. The suppression of information also causes severe mental and physical challenges for Indian women. To grow as a fair, unbiased and global society, it is important for India to shun this censorship and encourage free dialogues on this basic human desire.

Adding to this, Srijana Bagaria, Co-Founder & Director, Pee Safe said, “Everyone, especially women, should no longer be prevented from having access to the right information related to sexuality and intimacy. Avoiding a discussion doesn’t curb the need. All human beings crave for it and it is time we understand that it is absolutely normal to discuss the subject without any shame, fear or social judgment. The Pleasure Playbook by Domina will be the beginning towards changing the narrative. Pee Safe has successfully tackled other such taboos related to important subjects such as menstrual and intimate hygiene in the past and now we are going to boldly break the shackles confining discussion of sexual health and wellness among women.”

Pee Safe’s Domina range includes Female Condoms as well as other products such as Handheld Full Body Massager. The idea behind introducing the Domina range is to enable women to embrace their sexual preferences and feel confident about them.

Pee Safe is the leading hygiene and wellness brand in India that constantly endeavours to enhance public health through bold, topical and pan-India digital initiatives on menstrual hygiene methods as well as the role of intimate and personal hygiene. Pee Safe’s online business has seen a 40% jump in the current quarter and the brand has achieved over 70% growth annually (FY20-21).

Apart from raising $10 million in series B funding, Pee Safe is looking at expanding its retail presence from the current 10,000 stores to having a few franchise-owned brand exclusive stores (FOFO) to enhance the customer experience across India. They have already expanded overseas and are building local production of toilet seat sanitizers in Europe.