Thieme EIDO Healthcare Launches A Digital Consent Platform By Partnering With The Indian Medical Association

Thieme EIDO Healthcare Launches

5th May 2022, New Delhi: Thieme EIDO and Indian Medical Association have come together for a partnership to bridge the current gap in the patient consent process and patient/doctor’s awareness in India in digital format. The aim is to bring outpatient consent tools in a digital format in addition to a paper format which is not just a need of the current times but also a way forward in the future.

Keeping pace with the current environment around medical litigation and the need for detailed information around patient consent in a detailed yet easy to understand manner for the patient, also making the lives easier for the doctors we provide a range of products to assist health professionals in improving the doctor-patient relationship, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing the risk of litigation.

On 26th August 2021, Thieme EIDO and IMA signed the mutual agreement for the Digital Consent Documents in India to achieve excellence in the vital areas of informed consent and clinical governance. The agreement has been signed with Dr. J.A. Jayalal, Immediate Past National President, IMA -2021.

“IMA has collaborated with Thieme EIDO for providing the consent documents in digital format in India, these consent information documents have made the entire consent procedure more robust. The hospital should use a good, informative, and clear informed consent process because it is generally known that excellent, informed consent minimizes the risks of successful medico-legal claims. We also would like to appreciate the remarkable potential of the Thieme EIDO team who were most understanding and had good knowledge of the Consent platform in India” said Dr. J.A. Jayalal, Immediate Past National President, IMA.

Dr. Nitendra Sesodia, Senior Director, medical Communication & Corporate sales, Thieme, said Thieme EIDO healthcare is happy and honored to have collaborated with the Indian Medical Association to provide comprehensive medico-legal compliant content and digital consent solutions that support health professionals in efficiently and effectively taking and recording informed patient consent in India. Thieme EIDO consent tool is developed for clinicians to enhance the patient experience, improve clinical workflows and protect organizational and clinical reputations and enable an environment of joint decision making.”

The consent documents were reviewed and approved by the IMA’s panel members. Dr. J. A. Jayalala, Dr. T.N. Ravisankar, Dr. Pavan Patil, Dr. Dinesh Thakre, Dr. K. Narasimha Rao, and Dr. B. Cheran are the panel member for this collaboration. In the present scenario, the consent document will be available in three regional languages- English, Hindi, and Marathi. As we increase the zones, we will continue adding local/regional languages as per demands and requisites.

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