Urban Animal launches India’s first ever DNA testing kits for dogs to ensure early disease diagnosis

Urban Animal launches India’s first ever DNA testing kits for dogs to ensure early disease diagnosis December 27, 2022: Urban Animal, India’s first healthcare provider for dogs, has launched first-of-its-kind DNA testing kits to help ascertain 130+ genetic health conditions and identify potential medical conditions that dogs could face. The launch of these tests is aligned with the company’s mission to improve the quality of dogs’ lives and ensure longevity through early diagnosis of diseases and targeted preventive healthcare.

Incepted in 2021, Urban Animal provides free, doorstep kit delivery and sample pick-up services. Ideal for all breeds and ages, the DIY, pain-free tests can be conducted with a simple swab at the convenience of pet parents.

Urban Animal uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to process and analyze the pets’ DNA through these tests. The Map test, priced at Rs. 6999, offers detailed insights into dogs’ predisposition to genetic conditions. Meanwhile, the Trace test, available at Rs. 7,499, provides pet parents with information on the potential health risks their dogs could develop in the future.  It also includes a test for 20 physical traits- coat color, coat length, and tail length. A mating compatibility check is also done to ensure that the next generation of puppies is free from any genetic disorders. These tests are appropriate for dogs below the age of 8 years. However, pet parents suspecting their dogs to be prone to developing a chronic condition due to certain visible symptoms can also opt for these test kits.

The turnaround time for the reports is three to five weeks. They provide comprehensive information about the possible diseases dogs can develop, symptoms to look out for, onset age of the diseases and common breeds affected by them, and a checklist comprising basic management strategies. Additionally, the company offers free vet consultations with its in-house veterinarians to help pet parents understand the reports better and provide assistance on the informed care of dogs.

Speaking on the launch, Akash Murali, Founder, Urban Animal, said, “Urban Animal was established with a vision to provide preventive healthcare for dogs in the country and ensure their DNA testing is easily accessible, accurate, and affordable for every pet parent in India. Our sole objective is to provide pets with pain-free, long, healthy and happy lives. By promoting the early detection of diseases, we wish to increase their lifespan within the next decade and launching the genetic testing kits was a step in this very direction. Now, our focus will be on increasing marketing activities for these tests and achieving the 50k sales mark in the times ahead.”

Urban Animal is aiming to scale further and wants to introduce genetic testing for cats and breed purity tests for pets in the future. Additionally, the company plans to offer add-on services, including consultation, supplementation, providing medication, food, etc., soon.


pic source: Value 360 Communications