Extravagance and durability in one. Stone bathtubs

Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom
Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom

The popularity of stone bathtubs is growing all the time. No wonder, the quality and incredible originality make more and more customers decide to buy this type of product. Interestingly, often the reason for the purchase is not only the quality of the raw material from which the bathtub is made but also the desire for comfort and enjoyment of bathing. Therefore, certainly not one person will change his attitude to stone bathtubs after reading this article.

Extravagance and durability in one. Stone bathtubs.

Stone bathtubs are produced in a wide variety of sizes, shades and shapes. For example, one of the largest and most impressive bathtubs was as long as 3.5 meters and could weigh as much as 3 tons! During production, the exterior of the tub and remains unchanged, while the interior is meticulously polished. If we are thinking of buying a bathtub for the exterior of our house, it is worth choosing river stone instead of marble. River stone bathtubs are much more resilient and will not be damaged in the cold months, subject to freezing and thawing from even small amounts of dew, fog or raindrops accumulated on them.

Many customers are so accustomed to stone tubs that the sight of these items on the terrace or in the garden is no longer strange. This can be noticed, for example, in the summer, when in the evening the bathtub is much warmer than the temperature of the evening air during a hot day. This is due to the material from which the tubs are made, as stone is capable of both absorbing and maintaining temperature. This may come as a surprise to many, as based on experience with stones in the river, you may be convinced that a stone bathtub is always cold. Thanks to the bathtub’s temperature absorption, we can enjoy a longer bath and be reminded every time that we are communing with nature.

An investment with a stone bathtub is certainly a hit. There are not enough words to describe the comfort of lying down and the incredible joy of bathing. Buying a two or three-person stone bathtub for the garden is much cheaper and more cost-effective than the smallest swimming pool. The opportunity to commune with nature will make us feel and like it so much that we can not imagine a later change to another material. It is certain that once installed stone bathtub will stay with us in our environment forever.

The article was created in cooperation with the manufacturer of stone bathtubs and washbasins in Indonesia – Lux4home.

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