An insightful interview with Ruchika Bhangdiya- the founder of Ruchoks


Snacking nowadays plays a vital role in everyone’s life. A small quantity of makhanas or dry fruits will give you enough energy and satisfy your cravings. A snack should be healthy, tasty, satisfying, and filling as well.

We got some candid moments with Ruchika Bhangdiya, the co-founder of Ruchoks and she answered some of our question and cleared our doubts below-

Q1: What is your brand’s objective?

A: Ruchoks was established with an objective to serve each client with best quality products, unique concepts, and efficient services. We believe in understanding every requirement precisely and providing the most creative solutions, resulting in long term happiness, satisfaction, and loyalty of clients. Our core objective is to constantly innovate new concepts and create designs to set trends in the market. With our brand ‘Healthy & Honest’ snacking brand Dibha, we aim at promoting physical and mental health care and healthy lifestyle choices.

Q2: After 2 years of global pandemic, what is your brand position at the moment?

A: During the pandemic we launched a new brand called ‘Dibha’, which focuses on healthy lifestyle and honest snacking options. Dibha provides a wide range of products like dry fruits, dehydrated fruits, green teas, flavoured coffees, snacks like makhanas, oats puffs, chips, and many more. Today, post the pandemic phase, folks are health conscience and are constantly looking for ways to improve their immunity and wellbeing. Speaking of Ruchoks, everyone is overwhelmed to celebrate the festivities this year, giving us an exciting opportunity to cater to every client with our innovative and attractive Diwali special products and Premium hampers.


Q3: How does your product or service benefit your customers?

A: Ruchoks is a one stop shop, providing unique ‘Concept Gifting’ and ‘Premium Gifting’ options for all. The wide range of products which includes flavoured assorted chocolates, truffles, almond pralines, pizza chocolates, date dips and many more options, is a great advantage to the audience to select their perfect gifts. Dibha offers healthy snacks options and variety of nuts, which have great health benefits and immunity boosting properties resulting in healthy life choices and selfcare of every customer.

Q4: What are your strengths? Who is your competition?

A: Our product diversity, extraordinary designs, packaging ideas, exotic flavours, high quality checks and hygiene standards are our greatest strengths and factors we take pride in. The Diwali special ‘Kandil hampers’ and ‘Cracker Chocolates’ are copyright and patent products of Ruchoks. Our presence on 30+ e-commerce websites, social media and delivery services Pan India has given us a competitive edge in the market. We have been working with mega brands from corporate gifting industry since the past 13 years. The association and support we receive from such mega brands are truly our strengths.

Q5: How is your business different from competitors?

A: Ruchoks started in a home kitchen by a professional Architect, Mrs. Ruchika her husband who is Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Dinesh who together dreamt of fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. The passion to create the best and the spirit of providing beyond exceptional services is the recipe of our success today. We have been in the corporate gifting market since 2009 with an ever-growing customer base and customer brand loyalty. Our creativity, novelty and dedication towards quality and service is what sets us apart from others in the gifting market.

Q6: Are you planning to expand globally? If yes, please share the plan.

A: We are extremely optimistic on our global expansion plans. Both brands, Ruchoks and Dibha, are soon going to implement exporting strategies. Promoting ‘Made in India’ and giving an opportunity to the natives of foreign land to taste Indian flavours and creatively is our biggest motive to spread our horizons globally. With our colossal product profile, strong domestic market presence, and advanced infrastructure, we are ready to conquer the world!

Q7: What are your expansion plans? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?

A: Today, Ruchoks is associated with many major organizations from pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, IT, and other industries, based on its unique products, creative ideas, and competitive pricing. We are completely focusing on growth and expansion strategies through well-established target markets.
A whole new universe of opportunities is waiting for Ruchoks in the global market. We plan on making our valuable products available to all worldwide with accurate and competent export strategies in the coming years.


Q8: What is your brand personality?

A: Ruchoks is the synonym for excellence, novelty, and great taste. Our concept creation techniques, packaging and designing methods and lip-smacking taste of chocolates is what defines our brand. So, this upcoming festive season, gift your loved one’s scrumptious chocolate treats and personalized gift hampers from Ruchoks.

Q9: Which values will guide your business?

A: Morals, ethics, and values have been an integral part of the Ruchoks foundation. We abide by providing good quality products, standard manufacturing techniques, high quality checking standards and fair-trade practices. Employee and labour welfare is very important to us, as we focus on women empowerment by providing employment opportunities to aspiring women. We promote societal and environmental welfare with our ‘Smoke free Diwali’ concept based on our patent ‘Cracker Chocolates’.

Q10: What is your Unique Value Proposition?

A: Our assorted chocolate flavours including paan masala, chai masala, pani puri, crunch punch and mix nut are a must try in the confectionery industry. Our unique branding, client base and online presence has led to tremendous increase in brand value. Our customised and personalized gifting hampers are a huge success. We look forward to creating more ‘never seen before’ products in the gifting market.

It was an insightful interview with Ruchika. In our own consulting experience with business owners we’ve found that the above traits are characteristics of successful business owners along with a profound view that they have ownership and are accountable for their own success.