In Conversation with RG Arora MD- Mobility Solutions Limited, a JCBL Group Company

MSL’s Journey from Bus Components to Global Supply Chains


Q1. Can you share a brief introduction to MSL?

Mobility Solutions Ltd ( MSL) was set up as a backward integration of JCBL Ltd for supply of seats, windows, FRP and other bus components. However over a period of time the management took a conscious decision to sell its products to other customers. That changed the complete approach towards customers by MSL which enabled the company to know and supply as per latest developments and requirements of the market. This led to the development of new products and new customers. Similarly, MSL started supplying FRP items to Railways and other customers like GE, USA.

Q2. How did MSL become a preferred supplier to railways from being ancillary to JCBL?

When MSL started supplying its products to international customers, the company acquired technical expertise and machinery to supply as per their requirement. This coupled with continuous technological upgradation helped the company add on customers like Indian Railways (RCF, ICF and MCF), GE (USA) and Alstom India for Metro. When Alstom India got their first Indian order for supply of Chennai Metro, MSL was selected as the vendors for import substitution. During the last 12 years, MSL has supplied components for Lucknow, Pune, and Mumbai Metro and also for Alstom’s overseas supplies for Sydney and Mexico Metros. Recently for the new Vande Bharat Train, MSL bagged orders from ICF for supply of Interiors and Front Mask Nose Cones.

Q3. What international projects have MSL collaborated on and with which partners?

MSL has supplied to Alstom for their overseas projects like Sydney Metro and Mexico Metro. Further MSL has been supplying to GE USA, the Loco Components for the last 15 years.

Q4. Could you provide information about MSL’s manufacturing facility?

MSL has three plants at Lalru, Punjab for manufacturing seats and bus components, FRP products for railways, Agri implements, Steel parts for Railways and Manifolds and Valves.

To cater to the market demand, MSL is adding as First Phase, a new facility of 120,000 sq. ft. at Lalru, which will be operational in the current financial year. In the second phase this capacity will be doubled.

Q5. What products are manufactured under the MSL umbrella and which sectors does it cater to?

MSL is making a wide range of products. The details are mentioned below:

– Seats, windows and bus components for Bus Industry.
– Seats, windows and other components for Railways.
– FRP Components for interiors of passenger coaches Railways and Metros.
– Steel fabrication parts for shells of passenger coaches and Locomotives.
– Agri Implements like Rotary tiller, Straw Reaper, Mulcher, Laser land leveler, MB Plough, Super seeder etc. for the Agriculture sector.
– Manifolds, Valves etc. for the Oil and Gas sector.

Q6. What are the future projections for MSL?

MSL is implementing expansion plans to increase the existing sales by four times in the next four years.