Amity University Haryana Unveils Amifest’24: A Celebration of Talent, Creativity, and Community

Amity University Haryana yesterday kicked off the 3-day cultural and sports festivities, Amifest 2024, an exhilarating extravaganza set to captivate the hearts and minds of students, faculty members, and the local community alike.

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This annual celebration promises to be a spectacle of talent, creativity, and community spirit, bringing together diverse talents and fostering a vibrant atmosphere on campus.

The annual techno-cultural-management-sports fest will take place from February 26th to 28th, 2024, at Amity University Gurugram, featuring a dynamic lineup of events and activities that showcase the unique talents and passion of our student body. From electrifying performances by renowned artists to engaging competitions, Amifest 2024 offers a platform for students to express themselves, learn, and connect with their peers.

The extravaganza was inaugurated with the auspicious lamp lighting and invocation of muses of music and creativity. The beautifully decorated plaza reverberated with excitement and energy as the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor (Dr) P B Sharma declared the Amifest 2024 open. Amidst cheers, the Vice Chancellor encouraged the students to immerse themselves in the festivities and participate in various competitive/noncompetitive events organized by different schools and student clubs. Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof (Dr) Vikas Madhukar hailed the efforts of the students in putting up a great show together and welcomed everyone to enjoy the festivities.

The key highlight of the inaugural session was a fashion show that commenced with young underprivileged children adorning the vibrant creations of the students of Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology. The Haryanvi culture reverberated in Amity University Haryana as the Haryana Kala Parishad team performed foot-tapping Haryanvi dance and sang ragnis.

The commencement of the second day of Amifest 2024 at Amity University Gurugram campus featured a Morning March for Peace, inaugurated by the Ambassador of Peace, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof PB Sharma, AUH. Prof Sharma delves into the contemporary significance of promoting peace, outlining the objectives in today’s context, as an integral part of the extensive student festival celebrations.

More than a hundred students and professors, accompanied by the Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor, participated in the peace march. The visual impact of white and sky blue-colored thread bands, badges adorned with dove motifs, as well as banners and posters, significantly enhanced the effectiveness of the march, effectively spreading the crucial message of peace. Highlights of Amifest’24 include:

Cultural Extravaganza: Immersive rich tapestry of cultural diversity with dance performances, music concerts, and theatrical productions that celebrate the spirit of unity.

Sports Competitions: Witness the thrill of friendly competition as reputed teams compete in various sports tournaments, showcasing their athleticism and sportsmanship.

Food and Fun Fair: Indulge your taste buds with a diverse range of culinary delights and enjoy a fun-filled fair atmosphere with games, stalls, and entertainment for all.

Amity University Gurugram welcomes students, faculty, and sponsors to join us in this celebration of talent and creativity. Together, let’s make Amifest’24 an unforgettable experience that fosters a sense of community and pride in our shared accomplishments.