Announcing the Launch of Rock Your Blocks MAP™, (Make Anything Possible) Coaching Method to Help Women Reduce Trauma, Difficult Memories, and Emotions Quickly and Easily

Roseville, CA, January 02, 2023 – Women are five times more likely than men to have a mental health issue (CDC, 2020). Over 25% of women are seeking care for an emotional issue compared to 14% of men (National Institute of Mental Health, 2022). There is more need now than ever before to provide fast and efficient support for helping women eliminate the challenges they are facing.

Rock Your Blocks Coaching Services are designed specifically for women struggling emotionally. Rock Your Blocks uses MAP™, (Make Anything Possible) coaching, to help women remove blocks and reduce trauma, difficult memories, and emotions quickly and easily.

Rock Your Blocks offers virtual life coaching to help women remove subconscious blocks to living the life of their dreams. Rock Your Blocks serves women ready to experience the gentle, fast, and effective reduction of memories, emotions, and trauma that blocks change and growth. Topics such as health, relationships, and self-esteem can be transformed through targeted MAP sessions.

Rock Your Blocks is a newly formed virtual life coaching company designed specifically for women. Rock Your Blocks uses the MAP™ (Make Anything Possible) method of life coaching. It is not like traditional talk therapy. The client does not need to understand or navigate the process consciously. MAP uses subconscious healing to release pain and trauma easily. This can save time in processing and treating painful emotions to clear the way to be more fully present and capable in life.

A recent Rock Your Blocks client shares her experience:

“I had an amazing MAP session with Rock Your Blocks. It’s incredible how some of our core beliefs can be what holds us back from being the best version of ourselves. The MAP technique and coaching style guided me through a belief that has been holding me back from thriving most of my life. With guidance, I was able to transform the belief into a new and healthier one. The insights gained through this process were profound. I look forward to working with Rock Your Blocks again on this amazing journey of personal growth that I am on.” – S.H.

Many therapists, coaches, and leaders are amazed at how much gentler and easier MAP coaching can be for treating trauma, memories, habits, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve clients’ highest good.

All Rock Your Blocks MAP coaching is offered virtually on zoom by expert MAP practitioners with over 25 years of coaching experience. Rock Your Blocks is ready to help women reach and achieve goals so they can have more happiness and satisfaction in life.

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Contact person: Denise Miceli

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