Anoop Jalota reached Pink City Jaipur with the flag of Hindutva

Jaipur: one of the most organized cities of India, has become the center of discussion these days. Why not, tomorrow i.e. on 4th February, around 1 lakh people from 18 countries have come here to participate in the marathon. Bhajan emperor Anoop Jalota has reached Jaipur, famous as the Pink City of India, to promote his upcoming film Hindutva. Talking about the film Hindutva, bhajan emperor Anoop Jalota said that this film adorned with his acting and bhajans will be released on Mask TV OTT platform on 9th February. Anoop Jalota will be seen playing an important role in this film. The film Hindutva is based on the story of a generation that has no attachment to the disintegration of its culture, this generation does not know how dire its future can be if its basic identity is erased. In the film Hindutva, the real meaning of pseudo-secularism and Hindutva has been explained. In which a girl deviates from her religion and falls into the clutches of a boy of another religion, who later regrets his actions and a boy from his college tries to bring her on the right path. This is the story of Hindutva in which complete integration of religion, morality, dedication, revenge, culture, and harmony will be seen.

Anoop jalota

Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi, producers of the film Hindutva, which is going to be streamed on February 9 on Mask TV OTT platform, are saying that the presence of the Mask TV team in the Jaipur Marathon dedicated to the consecration of Ram Temple, the symbol of our national consciousness, is a symbol of the entire Hindutva. It will be a proud moment for the team and us. Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota, who played the lead role in the film Hindutva, Pandit Suresh Mishra, organizer of this AU Jaipur Marathon, lead actor of the film Ashish Sharma, producer of the film Chiranjeevi Bhatt, channel producer Mansi Bhatt of Mask TV and writer-director Karan Razdan of the film, Sanjay Bhatt, Sanjay Bhushan were talking to media persons in Patiyala Jaipur today.