Burger King India hacks T20 Cricket!

Burger King India hacks T20 Cricket!

New Delhi: Burger King India has launched a unique campaign called ‘The Greatest Hack’, in which consumers can hack moments of cricket matches to win exciting offers redeemable on the BK App.

All that consumers need to do is, use the ‘The Greatest Hack’ AR filter via the BK App during the on-going T20 match to collect and redeem exciting offers on BK app for every four or Six hit, every wicket taken, for every 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 scored, during power play and any over. As the players battle it out on the field, the audience too can tap into every shot, every wicket, and every moment of the game by simply scanning the match moments present on their screen to win exciting offers. With so many matches, so many moments & so many offers, this T20 cricket season will be all about Burger King’s The Greatest Hack.

The campaign will be promoted with a digital film showcasing a hacker who gives back cricket fans their long pending dues with “The Greatest Hack”. The campaign will also be extensively promoted on social media with cryptic posts and stories to create intrigue amongst the users to hack the IPL. The brand will run ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all other relevant platforms, all through the T20 season. Let the hacking begin!

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King India, said, “Burger King has always been a brand which hacks contemporary culture. This campaign allows us to hack the biggest conversation today – the remaining T20 cricket tournament. The insight for the campaign was to bring the viewer in limelight and reward them for being ardent cricket fans. The Greatest Hack brings together our guests, gamification through augmented reality, great food via exciting offers and the BK App. We are sure that our guests will have a Whopper of a time this cricket season.”

Pratik Gupta, Co-Founder of Zoo Media and FoxyMoron, said, “It’s the viewers that make IPL the massive success it is. While most brands focus on cricketers, we focussed on fan sentiment and used that to create brand love through a unique immersive experience. It’s also exciting for us at Zoo to have pulled off all aspects of this campaign from creative, tech, video and media using the expertise within the network.

The idea was conceptualised by FoxyMoron, video produced by The Rabbit Hole & the AR filter by Phosphene. All three agencies are a part of the Zoo Media network.