Environmental crusader Avinash Narayanaswamy on his Antarctica Expedition

Avinash. N photo (1)

Green LAW, is a start-up that provides state of the art eco-friendly products and services to society and Avinash Narayanaswamy is the Founder. An environmentalist, he believes in moving towards sustainable living. Avinash is a double post graduate in Sustainable Energy Technology and Environmental and Energy Management from the University of Twente, the Netherlands and works as an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy (CIIRC) in Bengaluru.

Avinash works to scout and scales the most impactful innovations in environmental domains. He runs his car with self-made biodiesel, has rainwater harvesting and rooftop solar setups, composts the kitchen waste, rides an electric two-wheeler charged by the rooftop solar, involves in tree plantation drives (A million Trees, A Billion Smiles) and solid waste management practices (Trash 2 Cash). His involvement in eco-friendly projects has helped him to be selected for the 2041 Climate Force environmental expedition to Antarctica in March (17th-29th) 2022.

The 2041 Climate Force Antarctica Environmental Expedition is to highlight the grave threats posed to fragile and vulnerable ecosystems around the world, primarily the Antarctic region by anthropogenically induced climate change and global warming. As most of the world’s ice is in Antarctica, sea level rises to the tune of 230 feet is expected if global warming is not controlled thus permanently submerging all coastal regions of the world. This expedition resolves to fight global warming and climate change by equipping people to propagate, engage and implement sustainable living concepts going forward. 151 environmentalists from 36 countries are part of this prestigious event of which 24 are from India. Speaking to the Press Avinash says “I strongly believe that I can do my bit in protecting the environment for the current generation and for generations to come”