Eyeing investment opportunities in hospitality industry in India -Jagdish Kumar, Founder, NRI CHAIWALA

The hospitality industry is itself a comprehensive category of fields within a service industry. The Indian hospitality industry consisting of four sectors mainly food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging and recreation has been generating employment while also providing a lot of new opportunities. This particular industry in India has seen a positive growth in the service sector.

As the pandemic hit, we could see that the hospitality industry was one of the severely affected industries in India, comprising of aviation, transport and hotel sectors. The stocks were being downtrodden as the Covid-19 virus got all the power.

However, these stocks could bounce back as the vaccination process has taken a start off across the country, and the easing of restrictions has taken place. Investing in stocks right now is the best you could do as the demand for hospitality service would increase.

What we are looking at right now is ways to make good money; and eyeing the investment opportunities in hospitality industry is a really great step to earn more profits in the future while getting a strong foothold in the sector.

When it comes to tourism, India offers geographical diversity, bio-geographic zones, attractive beaches, world heritage sites, national parks and sanctuaries. As pandemic eases, the hospitality industry could boost in a way that it would see rise in leisure and domestic tourism, which could lead to a great rise in the stock prices.

While the Government also plans to commence regional tourism post pandemic and open its doors for the neighbouring countries, it is anticipated that there would be an upliftment in the hospitality industry. The experts say that the hospitality industry is expected to proliferate in the coming years.

Due to the pandemic, the lifestyle spending of an individual mainly millennials have reduced. There would be an increase in those spending once the pandemic eases, as a vast portion of the population will start spending on travel & tourism, restaurants, hotels, movie theatre and all other sectors that come under the hospitality industry.

One would see great rise in the stocks as the consumption would rise in the economy of this industry. In no time would the stocks of the hospitality industry sky rocket. As the government also plans on focusing on domestic tourism, one would be spending more on leisure than one could not have done because of the pandemic. The hospitality industry will recover as stocks would sky rocket.

The hospitality industry is known for its friendly behaviour, hygiene, and “make you feel like home” commitments. As everything is coming back on track slow and steady you would see an increase in the hygiene as sanitisation would be a must and technologies for disinfection would be made most use of, that the main sectors like the food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging and recreation would benefit from it as it would increase occupancy.

As pandemic would come to an end business travel could commence for the work- from-home clan. The live shows, concerts, art, that was once hit would give a comeback. This would help the stocks bounce back to what it was prior to the pandemic hit.

I truly believe hospitality industry has a good future though it has been affected greatly due to the pandemic. It may take a certain amount of time for the hospitality industry to be back into its original space, that is to what it was before the pandemic broke out. So, it is a fair deal to invest in their business as we cannot purchase their services or business at this moment in time. If we invest in business that have been greatly affected now but have a huge scope in the future, like hospitality industry, it will surely yield more in the future.

Hospitality industry is an industry which will always be flourishing even though it gets a few shocks. There are many travellers across the country that travel to different places and they need a place to stay, food to eat, places to explore, so a better environment and better services will lead to good hospitality and will bloom the industry further.

This pandemic will come to an end one day so it is a good opportunity for the investors to invest in this industry.