Forgetting the odds caused due to pandemic, PR 24×7 took an opportunity to sing along and celebrate the Family Day – Udaan 2021

Forgetting the odds caused due to pandemic, PR 24x7 took an opportunity to sing along and celebrate the Family Day – Udaan 2021

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: It’s been almost a year full of up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s with the pandemic at peak.  Where on one hand a few were hit badly on the other hand a few took it up as an opportunity to spend time with the family and concentrate on few stalled thoughts. However, we all are aware that the time lost in the interim of this pandemic is not going to return, a lot is unsaid, unshared and unattended during this period. In the midst of this entire phase and to overcome the sadness the year bought in stall for us, the PR 24×7 family took an opportunity to bring together the families of all employees and celebrate their annual event Udaan 2021.

On the occasion of Udaan 2021; Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7 said; “The year has taken us almost a decade back, the year has not only given us some fond but a lot many bad memories too, when we look back the memory lane a lot of known and unknowns have lost their lives due to this pandemic. There are tones of people who are till date scared to step out of their homes due to the terror spread because of this virus. But its better said that the clock never stops ticking we have to go with the flow and so did our employees did although the lockdown and even post that. I am glad that with the economic crisis, extreme work pressure, tension of spread of corona virus my employees took up the challenge and successfully organized Udaan 2021, a show or day dedicated to the families of all members of PR 24×7.”

Every company honors the hard-work of their employees, who work with their full dedication all through the year. But this year PR 24×7 decided to honor the employees differently with titles like: ‘The Yes I Can award’, ‘Focus on the Future Award’, ‘Most Improved Performer Award’, ‘The Ultimate Contributor Award’, ‘Unmasked Dedication Award’, ‘Salute to Loyalty Award’, ‘Dronacharya Award’ and, ‘The Iron Pillar Award’. The awards were given to the employees by their parents and families which doubled their joy and happiness and also motivated them for their upcoming journey in 2021. Parents & Families were also overwhelmed to live this experience along with the dear ones.