From Watching Reality TV Home Renovations to Transforming Real Lives and Communities

New Brunswick, NJ, March 02, 2024 — Five years ago, Will and Alexis Stevens were living paycheck to paycheck. Like many couples, they wanted a better quality of life for their family. Will had spent 31 years working as a supervisor for Conrail, a freight railroad in New Jersey and Alexis was working in corporate finance. They both had an entrepreneurial spirit and were questioning what to do next. They started to consider real estate investment after the nudging of a friend and the encouragement continued through a commercial on a TV show.

In Alexis’ spare time, she enjoyed watching renovation shows on HGTV. One night, as Alexis was watching a show, she thought, “I can do that!” She reached out to Red Barn Homebuyers to find out about real estate investment and flipping. With the help of Red BarnHomebuyers, a program developed specifically for entrepreneurs that want to learn and find success as a real estate investor, the Stevens would go from watching reality TV home renovations to flipping real homes and businesses. Will and Alexis are part of a network of 86 members across the country that Red Barn Homebuyers equips with real estate investing strategies.

Red Barn Homebuyers Co-Founder, Ken Corsini, shares, “”Will and Alexis have been such a great fit for Red Barn Homebuyers. They have an eye for identifying real estate opportunities and a huge heart for improving their community. We are so excited to be partnering with them in New Jersey to make their vision a reality.”

Today, the Stevens move 10-15 properties each month including residential real estate flips, new construction and commercial real estate renovations. They are also both committed to helping the community around them. When Christian Antioch Church needed help renovating the kitchen, Will stepped in. It was so out of date that it wasn’t even usable. Will and the team completely updated the kitchen. They ripped out carpet, sanded down the floors and refinished them. They added new cabinets. It now provides a place for the church to cook and host meals. They are also able to serve food to the community and have a place to gather. Will is also working on affordable housing units to help local veterans and seniors.

Deacon Andre Daniels of Christian Antioch Church who worked with Will on the kitchen project speaks to the impact the Stevens have had on the community, “We often forget about the Veterans that have served three or four tours of duty. Some of them don’t receive the full benefits and they aren’t able to afford housing. So for them to have a place to call home means so much. Willie and his team are working to provide affordable housing units so that these Veterans have a place to call home.”

Both Will and Alexis continue to draw on their past career experience daily.

Will reflects, “My career in supervision helped me with this endeavor in many ways. I was used to managing up to a 100 employees at a time. This included proper scheduling and assigning work along with proper safety procedures. Now, I’m responsible for managing our team and assigning work. I’m constantly scheduling appointments for the members of our team and making sure we operate efficiently.”

From the delayed permits to supply setbacks, the Stevens would be the first to share that renovation shows don’t often depict the challenges that many in the industry face. Last February, the Blushh Beauty Bar that they worked to renovate was lost in a fire that took out eight buildings. It took firefighters more than nine hours to extinguish. But instead of giving up, they found an abandoned small restaurant, made some calls, and purchased the property. They opened Noir Lash Bar on December 13, 2023.

Black History Month reminds Will and Alexis of their hope to continue to build upon the legacy set forth by their parents. Will’s dad, who is now 93, grew up in Ridgeland, South Carolina where he witnessed people being lynched. He raised Will and his siblings to not have hatred but to love people and surround themselves around good people. Alexis’ mom instilled in her a sense of determination. Her mom raised Alexis solo after her father passed away when she was only one years old. Today, through Red Barn Homebuyers, their goal is to not only renovate homes and commercial properties, but inspire transformation in the community.

Will shares, “As we honor Black History Month, I aspire to leave a legacy of empathy, understanding, and advocacy for racial equality and justice. It’s essential to amplify Black voices, celebrate their achievements, and work towards a future where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race or ethnicity.”

Will and Alexis are part of a network of 86 members across the country that Red Barn Homebuyers equips with real estate investing strategies. For more information about Red Barn Homebuyers visit: