Naagin’ Actor turned entrepreneur Aashka Goradia started a fundraiser on Ketto

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“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” – A motivation that is holding Cynthia’s life together. Cynthia Thomas is a young energetic, bright, and talented public relations professional. In November 2020 Cynthia was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal issue by a general practitioner. What was supposed to be a menial illness soon became her biggest nightmare. Her illness turned out to be an end-stage Kidney (Renal) Failure and was immediately put on dialysis via a catheter in her neck. She has spent over 20 lakhs on her treatment so far.

Cynthia was moved to the ICU and was unconscious for 3 days. The doctors almost gave up and told her family and friends that she might not make it. Finding herself stuck in a vicious cycle of unfortunate events, Cynthia was informed to undergo a kidney transplant to survive and till then be on dialysis thrice a week.

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The following news from the doctors only made matters worse for her. Since Cynthia has no family, she needs to register on a government list for organ donation to undergo her lifesaving cadaver transplant (deceased organ donor). Additionally, the expenses for the procedures are too high. Due to the pandemic and her deteriorating health, Cynthia has been unable to work since 2020. All of her resources and savings have come to an end. With no financial help, arranging for funds for the transplant, dialysis, pre-hospitalization, and post-recovery is next to impossible.

Cynthia has faced many challenges in her life losing her mother at an age of 13 and then her life turned upside down when she lost her father at an age of 24. With no siblings and immediate family Cynthia was living with her uncle and aunt. But destiny had other plans for her, she lost her uncle and aunt during the second wave of COVID. However, the current battle is considered to be the toughest challenge of her life.

Aashka Goradia & Cynthia Pic 1Cynthia needs Rs 70 lakh to undergo her treatment. With no family to fall back on, Aashka Goradia, an actor turned entrepreneur decided to step up to save her life. Aashka Goradia, after 2 decades of a successful career as an actor, bid goodbye to her acting career to pursue her entrepreneurship dream. Cynthia met Aashka when she was working in a PR agency. Committed to helping her friend, Aashka started a campaign on Ketto. Having worked with Aashka, it is no doubt that she will go above and beyond her ways to help the ones in need, especially someone she holds dearly like Cynthia.

Commenting on the fundraiser Aashka Goradia said, “The pandemic has not been easy on anyone but we strive every day to make the best out of it. Cynthia, on the other hand, has found herself alone and helpless. From time and again she has been brave. Today she is struggling to get her life back on track. Please don’t let a curable illness take someone’s life due to lack of money. Cynthia has bravely faced every atrocity that has come her way. Kindly support Cynthia’s campaign on Ketto, we’d be forever grateful for your help!”

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