Science Divine Foundation successfully launches its nationwide campaign of Shiksha Sewa Mission to educate underprivileged kids

Science Divine Foundation

Ghaziabad: In a function held at Science Divine Foundation campus, Ghaziabad on Sunday, the foundation’s founder, Sakshi Shree said that education of slum kids can’t be left to the state alone and we as a part of society have to intervene to keep the dreams of these underprivileged children alive. The occasion was the birthday of Sakshi Shree, which is celebrated every year as Shiksha Sewa Mahotsav. On this occasion, Science Divine Foundation launched its national campaign of Shiksha Sewa Mission under which we will identify such underprivileged children from across the country and get them admitted to nearby schools and also arrange dry ration for them along with a basic rented home to provide them with respectable, hygienic accommodation wherever possible.

Thousands of people who attended the function pledged to join the mission of educating slum kids. Volunteers contributing to this noble mission will be known as Shiksha Sewa Mitra and by the end of July 2022, the foundation aims to add 11,000 volunteers as Shiksha Sewa Mitra to take this movement forward.

Sakshi Shree said, “It is high time we develop a clearer idea of the direction our society is headed and what kind of education we wish to impart to our children. Today we see an alarming decline in moral direction and spiritual values. This alarming situation asks for immediate attention and we must recalibrate our responses because our children will be our legacy. We believe education should be imparted with a view to the type of society that we wish to build. The Science Divine Foundation is working for new humanity built on the values of love, compassion, care, and giving. We must provide facilities and space where children can breathe in a smooth, safe environment and they are initiated into meditation at a young age. Meditation will help them to deal with their emotional turmoil and stress.”