The Enduring Spirit of Roberto Cavalli lives on with House Of Cavalli

Renowned for pioneering and patenting his groundbreaking printing technique, Cavalli’s fashion lines bore the stamp of artistry and untamed prints, a legacy imprinted upon his eponymous Maison for generations — House of Cavalli, a global powerhouse, stands as the world’s youngest symbol of high-end style, ensuring the persistence of Roberto Cavalli’s legacy amidst ever-changing trends. Launched by AP Group, House of Cavalli is the world’s first boutique/kiosk concept uniting the complete range of Cavalli fashion and lifestyle products. HOC offers watches, jewellery, pens, handbags & accessories from all Cavalli brands.

 Cavalli famously said, “Excess is success.” Reflecting on his legacy, it becomes evident that his life and work wholly embodied this ethos. The legendary designer’s passing celebrates a story defined by unapologetic extravagance, boundless creativity, and a relentless pursuit of success; House Of Cavalli aims to celebrate the very essence of it through it’s exclusive offerings — Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, and Cavalli Class.

  In the fertile garden of fashion, Roberto Cavalli’s collections blossomed with a vivacious spirit. The premium brand manufactures timepieces that dress up every man and woman. Further guided by the Swiss segment, Roberto Cavalli has collaborated with the stylish luxury Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller, to present the Wild Collection of Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller watches; a collection that stands out through its prestigious product vision.

  In the late ’90s, the designer released Just Cavalli, a spirited diffusion line aimed at a younger audience. The collection of timepieces and jewellery by the brand draws inspiration from the captivating world of glam snakes and the untamed beauty of the wild, which is abstracted from one of Cavalli’s early designs. Later, venturing into the booming industry of women’s handbags, AP Group took up the distribution of Cavalli Class handbags in 2023. The collection is a tribute to the most significant lines of the Cavalli Maison.

  Delve into the journey of Roberto Cavalli, celebrating a life lavishly lived.