SAI International School Students Set to Compete in Round Square International Cricket Tournament in Bangladesh

SAI International School Students Set to Compete in Round Square International Cricket Tournament in BangladeshBhubaneswar, India August 29, 2023: In an exciting development, twelve students from SAI International School (SIS) and SAI International Residential School (SIRS), along with dedicated coaches & teachers, are gearing up to represent their school at the Round Square International Sports collaboration tournament for Cricket. The event is scheduled to take place from August 27 to August 31, 2023, and will be hosted by Chittagong Grammar School (CGS) in Bangladesh.

The Round Square International Sports collaboration tournament is a landmark event that aims to foster camaraderie, sportsmanship, and cultural exchange among member schools from different corners of the globe. The event is being organized by CGS in partnership with Junior and senior High School of Kogakuin University from Japan, Starehe Boys’ Centre from Kenya, and SAI International School from India.

This initiative marks the first-ever International Sports Collaboration between Round Square Schools, emphasizing the unifying power of sports across diverse backgrounds and cultures. With participants hailing from four different countries – Kenya, Japan, Bangladesh, and India – the tournament promises to be a vibrant display of talent, teamwork, and international camaraderie.

Students from Classes IX-XII have been diligently preparing for the cricket tournament through rigorous practice sessions. This opportunity not only offers a chance to showcase their sporting skills but also embodies the core values of Round Square, promoting international understanding, leadership, and collaboration.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming tournament: “In the spirit of Round Square’s ideals, we believe that sports education is a powerful catalyst for holistic growth. Just as a wheel spin round, so does our commitment to nurturing character, leadership, and a global perspective through sports. Every challenge embraced on the field will lead to sculpting resilient minds and compassionate hearts. Our students are not just preparing for a cricket tournament; they are preparing to be global citizens who can lead and collaborate effectively.”

Four schools from around the globe are orchestrating distinct sporting events, and SAI International will be conducting an international football tournament in the upcoming month of November.

By engaging in this international sports collaboration, SIS and SIRS students are set to gain valuable insights into different cultures, leadership development, and cross-cultural collaboration. The Round Square ethos of learning beyond classroom boundaries has been a cornerstone of SAI International School’s educational philosophy, allowing its students to thrive on a global platform.

As the students from SIS and SIRS embark on this exciting journey to Bangladesh, they carry with them the hopes of their school community and a strong commitment to upholding the Round Square IDEALS of internationalism, democracy, environmental stewardship, adventure, leadership, and service.

The Round Square International Sports collaboration is a remarkable opportunity for SAI International School students to cultivate sportsmanship, forge lifelong connections, and expand their horizons through the lens of sports and global fellowship. As they prepare to compete in cricket, these young athletes are poised to embody the spirit of Round Square and make their institution proud.

Students, who are part of the cricket team shared their happiness,

Gautam Satapathy, Class XII, SAI International School quoted, “I can’t contain my excitement to represent our school and compete in the Round Square Cricket Tournament 2023. It’s not just about playing a sport; it’s about connecting with students from diverse backgrounds and building friendships that transcend borders.”

Mandeep Singh Walia, Class XII, SAI International School, shared, “Being a part of the Round Square Cricket Tournament is like a dream come true. This event goes beyond the boundaries of the field – it’s a chance to learn from others, share experiences, and grow as individuals who can make a difference in the world.”

Koustab Ghosh, Class XI, SAI International School, shared, “As we gear up for the Round Square Cricket Tournament 2023, I feel a rush of pride to be selected to represent our school. Sports have this incredible ability to break down barriers, and I’m eager to collaborate with students from other cultures to showcase teamwork and unity.”

Yuvraj Jangyaswaroop, Class XI, SAI International Residential School, shared, “The Round Square Cricket Tournament isn’t just a competition; it’s a platform to celebrate diversity through our shared love for sports. I believe this experience will not only refine our cricket skills but also shape us into more open-minded global citizens.”