Advaiya introduces Project Changes Tracker for Microsoft Project on AppSource

National: Advaiya announced the availability of Project Changes Tracker for Microsoft Project on Microsoft AppSource, a platform providing tailored line-of-business solutions.


Having adaptability and informed decision-making are paramount for project success. However, the lack of robust tools for version control, change tracking, and historical analysis poses significant challenges. Manual methods result in inefficiencies and the risk of oversight.

The Project Changes Tracker app for Microsoft Project addresses these challenges head-on. Designed to meet the diverse needs of industries relying on Microsoft Project, this app introduces a unique feature enabling users to seamlessly track and document changes in project metadata and schedules over time. With comprehensive version history and insightful trend analysis, project managers gain the ability to make informed decisions and steer projects toward success.

“Our aim with Project Changes Tracker is to empower project managers with the tools they need to navigate complex projects effectively,” said Virendra Sharma, Practice Director (Business Applications), at Advaiya. “By providing robust version control, real-time timeline tracking, and historical analysis capabilities, we enable our customers to enhance project visibility, mitigate risks, and drive efficiency.”

Key Features of Project Changes Tracker:
1. Improve project visibility: The solution enables the historical record of changes that enables the stakeholders to understand how the project has evolved.
2. Identify problems early and act on time: The project manager can identify potential problems early by tracking changes and KPIs over time.
3. Track changes without manual intervention: This reduces the manual effort required to compare different versions of project plans, increases efficiency, and drills down information that is always available in a few clicks.

Project Changes Tracker for Microsoft Project is now available on Microsoft AppSource, empowering project managers to drive success with enhanced visibility and control.

Microsoft welcomes Project Changes Tracker to AppSource, where global customers find thousands of line-of-business partner solutions that work with the Microsoft products they already use,” said Giovanni Mezgec, Vice President, Modern Work + Business Applications Field & Partner Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “AppSource and trusted partners like Advaiya Solutions help customers do more with less by increasing efficiency, buying confidently, and spending smarter.