Frost & Sullivan Awards Radiflow as Product Leader for OT Risk Assessment and Management for the Power Industry

Ilan Barda, Founder and CEO of Radiflow

Radiflow’s CIARA software enables OT cybersecurity teams to simulate attacks and practice leading mitigation strategies, usually only found in IT environments. “CIARA is enabling the design and implementation of security measures in critical environments with a mixture of legacy and modern devices,” said Ilan Barda, co-founder, and CEO of Radiflow.

Radiflow, a leading Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity provider operating throughout North America and EMEA, was named a Frost & Sullivan 2022 Product Leader for its CIARA OT breach assessment simulation (OT-BAS) platform. Radiflow has operated in the OT cybersecurity space for over a decade and is recognized as a European OT risk assessment and management leader for the power industry.

Seeing the industry grow from meeting government regulations to taking proactive business-driven measures to protect OT assets, Radiflow has helped companies and governments secure industrial systems. Today’s OT environments, which include supply chains, industrial facilities, and municipal-run utilities, are a premium target for hackers looking to conduct ransomware attacks. CIARA stops them by evaluating risk assessment and compiling all available local and global data to run attack simulations. With an ROI-driven approach, Radiflow works with companies to understand the possible outcomes of each attack and which compromised assets will have the greatest business impact.

On the business side, OT cybersecurity attacks bring production to a halt and can cripple supply chains. For example, a public sector attack can result in contaminated public water supplies or an inoperable electric infrastructure. “We developed our OT-BAS software to empower OT cybersecurity professionals to monitor multiple facilities and industrial controls through a virtual environment, ensuring no bad actors find their way,” said Ilan Barda, co-founder, and CEO of Radiflow. “CIARA is enabling the design and implementation of security measures in critical environments with a mixture of legacy and modern devices.”

Until recently, companies had to manually catalog their connected OT devices and force them to conduct a multi-day shutdown or guess the cybersecurity state of each device. Now, they can rely on quantitative data to calculate the monetary impact of each risk and measure it against common risk scenarios. “Frost & Sullivan applauds Radiflow for automating and enabling continuous risk assessment with the comprehensive, ROI-driven, and standards-compliant CIARA, empowering it to overcome the complexity and challenges of manual risk assessment,” said Sankara Narayanan, Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan.

Recognizing the demand for CIARA in the dynamic OT threat landscape, Sabanci group purchased a 51% stake in Radiflow with additional investment scheduled for 2025. With this support from Sabanci, Radiflow has increased its access and reach to different industrial sectors.

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