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Data is a precious commodity. However, in today’s digital world, it is also extremely vulnerable to breaches. Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to data breaches. Companies all over the world store sensitive information on their internal networks, such as in-house server units and workstations, and this could pose a huge security risk if any or all of the data is breached.

We’d like to think that every industry needs data destruction services….and they do! Cyber attacks are making it difficult for companies to safeguard all sensitive data which is why secure data destruction services are required.

We will reveal the prime objective of data destruction and provide you with a quick overview on the different industries that need professional data destruction services.

Let’s get started!

The Prime Objective of Secure Data Destruction

Secure data destruction seems like nothing more than shredding paper.  But, in our advanced technological world, shredding documents isn’t going to be enough. You have to destroy data in a way that can never be retrieved.

Secure data destruction means companies have to make sure that all the data on the hard drive is totally destroyed so that the company or client information stored on it cannot be recovered.

The importance of secure data destruction is that hackers can never access private information about your company’s financials or client information. The data can be used in a malicious manner, and that’s why all your end-of-life or unwanted IT assets must be disposed of securely by a certified ITAD Company.

Which Industries Require Secure Data Destruction

While all industries need to destroy sensitive data, not each of them needs to do it at a high level. However, there are certain industries that need this kind of professional service.

It’s time to unravel those industries in this section:

  • Medical:  Protecting patient information is your primary goal. You have hundreds of patients that walk in and out of the hospital each and every day.  If you fail to secure or destroy data, it is possible that you could lose thousands of dollars and your licence to run a hospital.

Nobody wants jail time, and that’s why keeping data secure is crucial. When you dispose of old computers and hard drives, there is a risk that all the data will be exposed or leaked. This is when you need secure data destruction. Nobody wants their hospital computer to end up in the wrong hands. You need an ITAD company to do the task!

  • Education: Schools and universities have lots of critical information about their faculty, students, and alumni, including old school records and addresses that are protected by law.

If you run an educational center, it is best to perform secure data destruction before discarding old computers and hard drives.

  • Law: Law firms have a lot of personal information on their computers and laptops. This includes client information, proofs, personal statements, potential suspects, financial information and much, much more.

Keeping your clients’ data secure is very important to uphold the reputation of your law firm, as clients will never come if their personal data gets leaked.

  • Finance: Nothing can be more private than your finances. You must wipe data from hard drives, laptops, computers, and other devices before discarding or replacing them. The finance industry holds a lot of important information which cannot be revealed. It includes shareholder information, personal finances, financial plans, and more.  An ITAD company will make sure that all the old data gets destroyed before you replace the computer or any system.
  • Government: Government officials have classified information they don’t want to share with other countries or the public.

Data leaks could cause serious trouble, especially security risks. Government data leaks can impact millions of people, so it is best to destroy the data before discarding a laptop or computer with sensitive information.

 How to Destroy Data Safely from a System or a Hard Drive?

Secure data destruction is essential for businesses and individuals who want to ensure that their confidential data cannot be accessed by anyone else. By destroying digital data in a secure manner, businesses and individuals can protect themselves from identity theft, fraud, and other malicious activities.

Data can be destroyed in three different ways. One is clearing, the second is purging, and the third is destroying.  But the most important thing is to make sure that you do it properly. Hiring professionals to do the job is the ideal choice and will give you some much-wanted peace of mind.

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