Kramer Unveils Advanced AVoIP Solutions KDS-17 and KDS-100 at ISE 2024

Bengaluru, February 12th, 2024: Kramer, the leading company in audio-visual experiences, proudly announces the expansion of its AVoIP portfolio at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024. This expansion features the introduction of two innovative products – KDS-17 and KDS-100 – designed to provide high-performing, scalable solutions for diverse AVoIP streaming needs.

Kramer’s Approach to AVoIP: Tailored, Secure, and High-Quality Streaming Solutions

Kramer is committed to offering a comprehensive range of AVoIP solutions, including advanced options for 1GE (1 Gigabit per second) networks. These solutions ensure a superb user experience, enterprise IT-grade security, and intuitive yet advanced management, allowing customers to select solutions that align with their specific needs for audio and video quality, bandwidth, latency, and more.

A Comprehensive Range of Solutions for Varied Needs

Kramer’s AVoIP solution portfolio includes a full array of decoders, auto-switcher encoders in various form factors, and a dedicated cloud-based device manager. These versatile solutions cater to enterprises, educational institutions, homeland security, military, and government applications, allowing for flexible deployment in any quantity.

Introducing the KDS-17: A Benchmark in High-Performance AVoIP Streaming

The KDS-17 offers ultra-high performance and scalability, utilizing JPEG2K-like compression for superior video and audio streaming over 1GE networks. Ideal for spaces requiring 4K60 4.4.4 video quality with minimal latency, it supports up to 1,000 video sources, making it suitable for command centers, meeting rooms, digital signage, and more.

The KDS-100: Versatility and Efficiency in AVoIP Streaming

The KDS-100 leverages the H.264/265 open standard for efficient bandwidth usage and interoperability. Its dual streaming capabilities make it perfect for environments requiring live recording. Suitable for operations rooms, university auditoriums, and command centers, the KDS-100 provides high-quality 4K60 4:2:

2 video streaming and supports up to 1,000 video sources, facilitating easy deployment and scalability for any network AV installation size.

Reflecting on the Launch

Dorit Bitter, Kramer’s EVP of Product and Technology, comments: “The expansion of our AVoIP portfolio with KDS-17 and KDS-100 represents a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. These products exemplify our dedication to providing intuitive, scalable, and secure solutions. Our unique technological approach has successfully decoupled high latency from open standards, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the 264/265 codec without compromising on performance. With these additions, we are setting new standards in the AVoIP domain, ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced technology, easy to deploy and manage, regardless of the scale or complexity of their needs”.