ReBrand Gurus LLC strives to bring progressive reformatory changes in the workplace

Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director at ReBrandGurus
Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director at ReBrandGurus

New Delhi: A leading tech branding organization, ReBrand Gurus, whose focus is on offering digital marketing, web development and designing services across the world aims to bring progressive reformatory changes in the workplace.

The organization provides positive feedback to its employees under the leadership of Manan Sharma Vashisht to motivate them. Manan Vashisht brings along with him an experience of over 19 years has led the organization to a new set of success. He ensures that his students are provided with the best corporate challenges. The firm believes that corrective and constructive feedback is necessary principally when an issue arises that requires instant solutions.

ReBrand Gurus stresses on empowering young women through employment. The organization focuses to empower women not just in metropolitan cities but in tier II and tier III cities as well. It aims on creating workplace with 60% female employees.

Manan Sharma Vashisht’s content, understanding of organization operations and attention to detail allows students to acquire a broader understanding of corporate life by providing meaningful value.

Its clients are regularly notified of promotions, reward programs, and other relevant content. When their needs are not met, Manan Sharma himself addresses their problems personally.

Launched in the year 2017, the company has made its mark across the world with its offices situated in Dallas, Texas, Sheridan, Wyoming in America and in Canada. In India the company operates from Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The firm also serves the SEM and SEB segments across the US, Canada and the Middle East region.

“We are focused on fostering a workplace atmosphere that encourages natural ability acquisition and maintenance. The organisation hopes to enrol 60% of women as emplacement providers as a result of this. We also take on ground-breaking ideas as a tech branding company so that youth and teenagers can get business and skills within the company,” said Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder & CEO, ReBrand Gurus.