THREE – The Incredibly Capable 3D Scanner

Capture Anything, Any Size, and in Full Color

3D scanner

We are proudly excited to announce the launch of Matter and Form THREE™, a groundbreaking 3D scanner that redefines the possibilities of object capture. THREE is set to revolutionize the 3D scanning industry, delivering unprecedented capabilities, metrology-level precision, and unparalleled versatility.

Matter and Form THREE™ revolutionizes traditional 3D scanning by allowing you to scan objects of various sizes, from small items like coins to larger ones like cars. Its distinctive ChromaSpec™ technology uses the full spectrum of visible light to capture both geometry and color with remarkable precision, eliminating the need for scan sprays. This technology ensures accurate results for objects of any color, from the lightest shades to the darkest tones.

 “Our vision at Matter and Form is to build accessible, powerful, accurate, and beautiful 3D technology to empower our users in their personally meaningful purposes. THREE delivers on that vision to an amazing degree. THREE redefines what is possible for 3D scanning, by being able to capture tiny details with metrological precision and at the same time being able to capture very large objects. With its built-in software and our unique ChromaSpec processing software to capture all colors including black, the experience of using THREE is a pleasure. In a market crowded with indistinguishable 3D machines, THREE is a better solution that stands apart, with vastly more capability, and scan quality that rivals 3D scanners that are 15 times its price.” – Trevor Townsend, CEO and Co-founder.

Web Browser-Based, Platform-Agnostic, and Cloud-Free

THREE is the world’s first 3D scanner with fully onboard software that operates seamlessly in any modern web browser, regardless of your operating system. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, iPad, Linux, Chromebook, Windows, iOS, or Android device, THREE is compatible and ready to empower your creative vision. Unlike traditional scanners that require an internet connection or cloud services, THREE operates as a self-contained unit with an internal storage solution, making it remarkably portable and user-friendly.

Unlock Limitless Potential with a Full API

For programmers and developers, Matter and Form THREE™ presents an exciting opportunity. With a full API, THREE enables to craft vision projects effortlessly. Supported by open-source initiatives and powerful plugins like JupyterLab and Python, THREE becomes a gateway to the dynamic world of 2D and 3D computer vision and automation systems. With Matter and Form THREE™, the creative possibilities are truly endless.

What sets THREE apart?

  • Scan Any Size: While most 3D scanners limit the object capture range, THREE empowers to scan any object, irrespective of size. No need for multiple devices—THREE’s high-resolution cameras and powerful projected light ensure it’s the only scanner needed.
  • Scan Any Color: ChromaSpec™ technology allows THREE to capture the full-color spectrum, eliminating the need for scan sprays. It effortlessly scans objects of any color, be it light or dark, and even black.
  • Use Any Computer: THREE is the world’s first 3D scanner with fully onboard software accessible via any modern web browser on any operating system. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and more. Simply put, if you have a web browser, you have THREE.
  • For Any Application: Beyond its unmatched scanning capabilities, THREE offers a full API, ready-to-go open-source projects, and is the only 3D scanner equipped with a built-in vision development runtime for edge computing.
  • Built-In Software: Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and cloud services. THREE stores the scan projects internally and runs its own web server, ensuring a seamless and self-contained scanning experience.
  • Advanced Accessories: THREE comes with a meticulously designed package, including a wired turntable, calibration cards, tripod, and more, to facilitate a comprehensive scanning process.
  • Lightning-Fast Performance: THREE boasts an incredible 4-second capture time, 10-second processing time, and a projector frame rate of 60 fps, ensuring you can keep your project moving forward.
  • Unbeatable Value: At just $2999 post-crowdfunding, THREE’s unparalleled features and capabilities make it an exceptional investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • User-Friendly: While other scanners demand a powerful computer and require steady hands for scanning, THREE offers automatic and user-directed scan alignment, making it accessible to all skill levels.
  • Built-In Vision Runtime: THREE is the world’s only 3D scanner in its class with a built-in vision runtime. Users can craft their 3D and 2D machine vision programs, and THREE will execute them seamlessly.
  • Superior Color Capture: THREE outperforms competitors with its ChromaSpec™ technology, ensuring precise capture of objects’ color nuances, even without scan sprays.
  • No Internet Required: THREE is NOT a cloud service. It operates independently with its own web server and WIFI hotspot. Connect to “http://matterandform.local” and start scanning immediately. 

What is in the box?

  • Wired Turntable
  • International Power Adapter Plugs
  • Large Calibration Card
  • Calibration Card Holder
  • Small Calibration Card
  • THREE Scanner with Wireless Antenna
  • 12V 5A Power Brick with 10-foot Cable
  • Premium Mini Tripod with Flexible Legs 

Technical specification

THREE is packed with cutting-edge optical technology including an ultra-bright MEMS mirror-based DLP projector and two Sony 13-megapixel optical sensors. THREE has its own CPU and integrated GPU, and it stores and maintains your scan projects within its built-in 16GB memory.

Name Matter and Form THREE 3D Scanner
Technology Stereo camera structured light with focusable cameras
CPU Quad-core 64bit SoC 1.5GHz with Integrated GPU
Internal Storage 16 GB
Projector DLP MEMS mirror
Camera Sensor Sony 13 megapixel
Scan Speed 4 seconds
Processing Speed 10-15 seconds
Alignment Automatic / Point-pick
Scan Modes Automated Turntable / Single Shot Scan
Scanning Environment Indoor and Outdoor(shaded)
Texture / Color Scanning Yes
Minimum Capturable Feature Size 0.2 mm
Maximum Capturable Object Size Theoretically unlimited. Practically, scans are limited to the available 16 GB storage capacity
Scanner Weight 709 grams
Scanner Dimensions 251mm x 119mm x 31mm
Operating Systems ANY operating system that supports a modern web browser
Devices Supported ANY device that supports a modern web browser


Metrology Resolution and Accuracy





220 mm / 8.66″ 50 37
400 mm/15.74″ 150 65
700 mm / 27.55″ 400 114




Theoretically unlimited, but practically limited to 16 GB storage
WORKING DISTANCE 200 mm to 800 mm


About Company

In 2013, the company successfully crowdfunded the world’s first low-cost 3D scanner. As thousands of people gained access to this innovative scanning technology, they embarked on a journey of creation, design, modeling, printing, measurement, and integration.

Since 2013, the world has witnessed significant changes, but one enduring constant has been the creative spirit shared with the company’s diverse user community. As the company marks its 10th-year anniversary, its accomplished team of hardware and software engineers, user experience designers, and customer success specialists stands ready to once again make 3D scanning history with the introduction of THREE.




THREE 3D Scanner is currently available for pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign.

 As an early bird supporter, the unit can currently be secured with $1650 (45% off the retail price). After the crowdfunding stage, the price will be $2999.

As we exceed our targets, prices will be subject to change. To stay up-to-date with any potential price drops or special offers, please follow our official Kickstarter campaign page.