Verasys Technologies Provides Best-In-Class Electronic Signatures ( eSign ) and Related Services

Verasys Technologies Provides Best-In-Class Electronic Signatures ( eSign ) and Related Services

Chennai – Verasys Technologies a subsidiary of Alankit Ltd, India’s leading e-Governance service provider, has been providing Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and eSign services after receiving the License from the CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority) for the past two years. Verasys Technologies is the 5th active certifying authority for providing DSC & eSign services across the country. Verasys Technologies provides a web-based solution to apply for digital signatures and offers related services for the verification of all types of signatures that are permissible in India by law.

Verasys Technologies issues electronic signatures (eSign) based on Aadhaar e-KYC, making the whole procedure fast and paperless. The company has a committed team of experts, who understand this domain, government rules, regulations, and the specific needs of business, thus facilitating the digital signature application and related procedures.

According to Mr. Ankit Agarwal, MD, Alankit “We are pleased to have received the license for providing DSC and related services. Now, Verasys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the subsidiaries of Alankit offers an online electronic signature service that could be conveniently linked with the service delivery applications, through an API, to enable corporates or businesses to digitally sign a document for various authentication and approval purposes.”

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs lays down a step-by-step process for the registration of the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). A set of detailed registration instructions makes it easy for applicants to register online. A different set of instructions are provided for the Director, Manager, Secretary, and practicing professionals who seek registration of the DSC. Electronic Signature System (eSign) aims to help businesses streamline their operations.

Conferring to Mr. Prashant Lad, MD, Verasys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., “Driving the wagon of Digital India initiated by the Government of India, there is a surge in the demand for digital and electronic signatures which is here to stay for a longer haul. Utilising the opportunity, we issue digital signatures based on Aadhaar KYC making the entire process of obtaining a DSC quick and paperless and can issue a DSC within minutes, unlike the traditional way.”

Corporates and businesses can access the platform for applying for eSign anytime from anywhere in the country. The platform offers all types of signatures permissible in India by law. The platform has been developed as per various guidelines issued by GOI using the Windows server platform and puts forth the best security features. The platform is enabled to process 2 lac eSigns per day and 7 Cr. annually.

Within a short span of 3 years, we have successfully created a Pan India presence with a network of more than 18,000 partners. We have a track record of being profitable from the first year itself. Our revenue target for FY 2021-22 is about 25 Cr., and for FY 2022-23 is about 40 Cr. Along with our DSC and eSign business verticals, we are also exploring adding UIDAI KYC as an independent business in FY 2022-23.

There has been a significant improvement towards using technology in making our lives easier and eSign is yet another significant step in this direction. With Verasys, we want to help corporates and businesses associated with us to eliminate error-prone, traditional paper-based processes. We have an edge over the others in terms of network and infrastructure. Verasys offers corporates and businesses to upkeep the industry with a rock-solid, steady, secured, and capable to declutter and stay digital signature platform compliant to ramp up productivity, and modernise operational bottlenecks existing in a manual workflow.

We have made our DSC and eSign processes completely paperless by linking them to Aadhaar authentication. Aadhaar based authentication offers a convenient, easy, secure & reliable mechanism for the identity verification of any Aadhaar Number Holder. Aadhaar is now a valid Proof of ID (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) for most services and is fast becoming the key document for banking, telecom, insurance, Government subsidy programs, Passport, PAN Card, etc. Considering a large number of Aadhaar Cardholders in India and the ability to uniquely authenticate all Aadhaar Cardholders, services are accepting Aadhaar for their service delivery progressively.

We have also developed advanced tools in Java that provide the capability to Application Service Providers (ASPs) to sign multiple pages simultaneously with a ‘drag and drop’ option to choose the position of the signature block on a document. These tools are available free of cost during integration to users of our eSign solutions.

Aadhaar KYC service eliminates the need for the resident/applicant to provide a photocopy of the Aadhaar card and instead resident can simply authenticate and authorise UIDAI to share the Aadhaar data in an electronic and secure mode. Eliminating paper verification and storage removes fraud, fake document usage, paper storage cost, manual audit cost, etc., and makes the entire process seamless, auditable, and secure. And most importantly this would allow DSC application services to be offered using a mobile handheld in rural environments without worrying about the authenticity of papers and trustworthiness of front end RA touchpoints.

The IT infrastructure viz servers, firewalls, and network components like switches used for providing the eSign services are configured in high availability for 24 x 7 operations. Moreover, we also have a failover disaster recovery data center in a separate seismic zone which can be activated at short notice in the event of a disaster like an earthquake, floods, or war. The locations of both our primary and secondary data centers cannot be revealed for security reasons.