5 Most Common Reasons That Employees Get Injured On The Job

5 Most Common Reasons That Employees Get Injured On The Job

No matter how careful you are about following safety rules, the potential for workplace injury is always there. Not only can getting hurt on the job result in serious injury, but it can also have an impact on your insurance, personal life and even result in death.

It’s important to look out for yourself and others by maintaining a safe working environment.  One of the most effective ways to reduce the potential for injury is to know where the risks are.  Here are some of the most common reasons why employees get hurt on the job.


Pushing yourself to the point of fatigue e in order to get the job done will only result in an adverse outcome.  When someone is mentally or physically exhausted, it will impair their ability to be able to perform their duties.

When their job involves heavy machinery, even the slightest hesitation or delay can result in serious injury.  Therefore, it’s important to keep a close eye on your energy levels and whether you think you may pose a risk to yourself or others.

Stress-Related Injuries on the Job

Job security, finances, health issues and anxiety about personal relationships all factor into the stress equation. When an employee’s mind is too distracted by real or perceived threats, he is not only more likely to make mistakes that could cause injury but also invites an increased risk of a heart attack, stroke or hypertension.

Falls and Slips

Kitchen jobs are often some of the most dangerous places where accidents occur.  Because of all of the liquids that splash and spill, there’s always a risk that a mess won’t get cleaned up.  All it takes is one person slipping in a puddle for them to fall and seriously injure themselves.

Therefore, always make sure that if something spills in your work environment that you take the time to immediately wipe it up or place a wet floor sign around it.  

Another common reason for falling is because of foreign objects being left in the work path.  When you’re carrying something dangerous, falling could mean a matter of life and death.

Falling Objects

There are many cases of employees getting serious head injuries due to heavy items not being securely stored high above.  Failing to make sure they’re anchored to the surface could result in them falling forward and even spilling their contents which could be deadly.

This is why head protection is vital if you work in a warehouse particularly.


Companies which require their employees to work with hazardous materials need to train their employees.  They should know how to safely handle the materials otherwise it could result in explosions, fires, and burns.