Startups Going Green in their Approach


The principal request of business for a startup is perceiving that there is an issue to be illuminated. Starting there forward, StartUps need to decipher that vision and help other people see how the issue will be solved. In celebration of Earth Day, we thought it would be interesting to look at how startups are tackling environmental and sustainability issues where the problems may have a fifty or one hundred year horizon. A lot of platforms are performing activities this Earth Day.

Satya MicroCapital

Satya MicroCapital Limited is an NBFC-MFI serving low-income entrepreneurs in India’s rural and urban areas. The firm provides prompt, convenient, and affordable collateral-free credit to unbanked and underserved people through a strong credit assessment and centralized approval system.

GO PAPERLESS GO GREEN will be the mantra of the day at Satya MicroCapital workplace that want to attain efficiency and speed in their processes. The idea is to reduce paper dependence, and automate the processes through secure and legal mechanism. Therefore, the emergence of digital signatures has proved to be a savior for such businesses. Efficient and affordable, digital signatures are helping these businesses go paperless and green in a secure and legal manner. Along with this the brand will also be promoting the plantation of Indoor and outdoor plants In  its premises.

Zap Subscribe by ZoomCar

The six of our biggest cities are most polluted in the world. Zap model takes more cars off the road by letting different users share the latest models, instead of buying one for specific needs. Each time the car is sitting idle in the parking lot, it can be shared with different users. Hence, instead of long-term personal ownership, the same car is shared between different owners, whenever they require it. The emergence of the car-sharing model offers massive overhauls to these challenges. Every car shared takes 20 others off the road!


GyFTR (Vouchagram), an online-to-offline (O2O) commerce solution platform which enables brand currencies and create digital gifting & rewards ecosystem for people to interact and transact real time. GyFTR is present at more than 50K POS terminals allowing 130 + brands to issue and accept Gift Voucher and redeem various Bank loyalty points directly at the POS. This saves usage of paper and curbing carbon footprints. They distributed e-vouchers and saving paper coupons.


MoneyTap introduced the concept of a Credit Line (personal line of credit for consumers) for the first time in India when it launched in September 2016. The “Credit Line” means that the bank will issue a limit of up to Rs. 5 Lakh, without any collateral or charging any interest. MoneyTap introduced their app and went paperless. Any salaried employee can use this free Android app and, in a few minutes, using a patent-pending Chatbot interface, provide all the information typically required by banks. The app securely connects with the banking systems to give them not only an instant approval but also a credit limit, depending on individual credit history.