The Date House- Offering Dates with Love

The Date House: Offering Dates, with Love

The Date House, the new premium healthy food products line has introduced the new varieties of premium & best dates. Dates are healthiest sweet alternative. Not just delicious but immensely healthy, dates satisfied our sweet cravings and our health needs – and that led also to the birth of The Date House. The Date House introductory product portfolio includes the imported dates from Saudi Arabia & Jordan.

According to Mr.Ashish Dang, Director, The Date House, “These dates are filled with health benefits. It’s a great source of energy. All these dates have Zero fat & zero cholesterol. It is good source of Vitamin A , Calcium & Iron. It has high % of dietary fiber. It’s a natural candy which both kids & adults can enjoy guilt free. We have kept a special emphasis on the packaging to ensure that’s its valued greatly as a Gift too. We have used 2 themes for the packaging. One is classy Grey & other is eclectic colorful design which keeps the vibrancy in the brand”.

Below is the summary of the product lines from The Date House-

1. Premium Pitted Dates: This is our basic product which comes with premium Khidri dates from Saudia Arabia. It’s all pitted to ensure the comfort of any place energy booster. It comes in a 3 colorful pattern pouch.

2. Premium Filled Dates: These are luxurious dates with a filling of fresh imported nuts. Dates are very fleshy and are available in various different options for the customers. Dates origins are from Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Dates being used for these fillings are large  Sagaie , large Khidri & jumbo Mejdool.

  1. Premium Filled Chocolate Dates: The Date House is also offering premium filled dates coated with 3 different types of chocolate (Rose Valley, Dark, Milk & white). Dates are being pitted & then stuffed with almond, and on top premium chocolate are being poured.
  2. Azwa Dates: This is one of the most premium dates available all across, due to its quality & it’s religious relevance in ISLAM. It is being believed that Prophet Mohammed used to break their fast with these Dates due to its health benefits.
  3. Organic Dates: These are an Organic Majdool dates from Jordan. These dates have great energy booster, and it has been certified by ecocert for being an organic one. Organic dates take you on a journey to the dunes and the desert, to the Emirates and back again, all in the lap of luxury.