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Faculty Express Strong Interest in Affordable Access Programs at a Time of Deep Concern With Student Preparedness

NACS Faculty Watch Report: OBERLIN, OHIO (February 17, 2024)— The latest Faculty Watch™ Report from the National Association of College Stores (NACS) confirms faculty interest in affordable access programs remains high as more institutions take […]

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Revitalizing Movement Beyond Boundaries – Venture for Innovation in Physiotherapy Practice

By Dr. Anitha.A. MPT(Orthopedic), PhD,Associate Professor Saveetha College of Physiotherapy Revitalizing Movement Beyond Boundaries” in the context of innovation in physiotherapy practice suggests a forward-thinking and inclusive approach to advancing the field. In the realm […]

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Unlocking Creativity: 3 startups with AR & VR Tools Empowering Interior Designers for Commercial Projects

Innovation is paramount in any given industry, especially in Interior Design and Build Industry. These innovative tools and techniques not only enhance visualization but also empower designers to unleash their creativity in unprecedented ways. The […]