A New and Innovative Technology at RichFeel

RichFeel’s Ice Cube 2.0- A New and Innovative Laser Hair Reduction Treatment at Richfeel

Thanks to the advanced technology available today, you no longer need to go through the pain you have with shaving, waxing and tweezing sessions every month. RichFeel, India’s most trusted & exclusive Hair Clinic network, brings to you, the Cool Brush Technology which does away with the very element of ‘heat’ from ‘laser’! And leaves one with the Ice Cube effect, standing true to its name.

Conventional laser hair removal methods don’t measure up in any way to the sheer joy of RF ICE CUBE 2.0, Europe’s premier Laser Hair Reduction Technology brought to India by RichFeel. This is one revolution everyone would love to wear on their skin forever.

This method causes minimal pain with its best-in-class laser technology imported from Italy and is the latest cooling, permanent hair removal method. The technology offers maximum comfort through the process, reduced per- session time and involves minimal recovery period. And the end result – smooth skin free of unwanted hair. Dr. Apoorva Shah, Pioneer of Trichology in India and Founder of RichFeel shares the benefits of Ice Cube Laser Hair Reduction Treatment at RichFeel.

1.Reduced Treatment Time:

In laser treatment, there is a high-risk of skin burn due to the hair burn exposure. The latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 has succeeded in providing exceptional ease during the complete treatment. There is very less chance of having discomfort because of the cooling effect on the skin during the laser hair removal procedure provided by RF ICE CUBE 2.0.

3. Minimal recovery time needed:

Through the unique cooling properties of the RF ICE CUBE 2.0, a person may not have to bear the slightest of discomfort during the laser treatment for hair removal, indicating less laser hair removal side-effects. It is quite safe and secure for even the extra-sensitive skin types.

4. Approved For All Skin Types:

Laser hair reduction treatment becomes more versatile and accommodating because the RF ICE CUBE 2.0 effectively delivers for all skin types. This laser hair removal is practically risk-free and causes the least disruption of the skin surface.

5. Shows Better Results:

With ICE CUBE 2.0, one need not worry about the skin-type or the skin-readiness for laser hair reduction treatment. This new technology uses extra-long pulse width giving excellent results on all skin-types as compared to other machines.

Laser Hair Reduction at RichFeel: What To Expect?

Laser treatment hair removal just got a wider relevance at RichFeel. This medical procedure, to reduce the growth of unwanted hair from body parts such as the face, arm, legs, underarms or bikini area, can be self-initiated at the utmost comfort of the latest RF ICE CUBE 2.0 technology. The treatment is only for 45,000/-* (Taxes & Conditions Apply) for full body and easy EMI options are also available.

How can a Trichologist help you?

It is a myth that laser hair reduction is just a cosmetic procedure and that there is no need to consult a doctor for the same. Medical history is very important to be looked into for the process. Some disorders & medications have relative contraindications to laser. Also, laser hair reduction does not show results in some who suffer from certain hormonal disorders. Consultation with a Trichologist would be most advisable.