AI is the new tool that will transform things

Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Founder,Infosys at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2018 (27)

In the times when many people believe that AI and automation will lead to job loss, former Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan has an all together different view on it. Speaking at the India Today Mind Rocks 2018 on Saturday, Gopalakrishnan talked on how AI can transform things and how we humans have to live with machines and become as smart as them.

“Every new technology can potentially replace people. And hence we need to figure out what are the jobs in the future, what are the skills that are required in the future and make sure that we acquire those skills,” he said on being asked about his views on the AI and fears of AI taking away the jobs.

Going on he also talked about what are the jobs created by AI and what kind of skills do we need to acquire to create wealth in the AI age. He said that this is the best time to grow and benefit from AI. Developing algorithms for machine learning or creating new chips and processors for machines are some of the jobs at the top levels that youths of today can think of pursuing. Listening, curiosity and reading are some of the skills that he said should one posses if he or she wants to excel in life.

Addressing the youths in the crowd, he said that it is important for them to understand what are the current trends and ride on those trends. He said that AI, Machine learning, Neuroscience and Brain Science are some of the current trends that we need to recognise and ride on these waves. He added that the intersection of Biology and computing is currently an amazing area for rise and this is going to transform every aspect of our life, every industry and every business.

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