Anveya: A Deep-tech with Nature brings you an international-quality beauty range…

Anveya: A Deep-tech with Nature brings you an international-quality beauty range...

Anveya, a clean, premium beauty brand based on deep-nature-tech is the new love of Indian consumers. With a mission to build awareness for healthy and conscious living, the brand operates in beauty, personal care and wellness categories that have a daily impact on our lives and the planet. Their cutting-edge research-based products are highly effective and results-driven, and have been built sustainably and cruelty-free. With this, this Indian brand aims to bring the best-in-the-world formulations and ingredients that were available only through international brands so far.

“People buy products on their international trips to bring back home. We’re breaking this perception that international products are better quality by default. We are creating a range of products that people will be asked to bring from India for their friends abroad.” – Vivek Singh, co-founder and CEO, Anveya

Anveya has a growing range of 35 products in Hair Care, Skin Care, Cold-pressed Oils and Essential Oils categories. These products promise purity, combined with the wisdom of nature and beat their synthetic counterparts on results. The hair care range takes care of our customers’ deepest hair concerns – tackling dryness, damage, frizz, breakage, hair fall, scalp health and hair growth. Anveya’s recent launch – the Curls hair range, created especially for Indian curly hair, is well loved by the curly hair community. The advanced skin-range, which comprises Vitamin-C based facial serum, under-eye and skin-rejuvenation creams, brings the most effective care for our customers’ skin goals. Anveya’s range of pure natural essential oils and organic cold-pressed oils includes some of the finest beauty and wellness gifts that come straight from nature.

Anveya invests time, resources and energy in deep-nature-tech, to promote and develop the most cutting-edge formulations for your beauty and personal care needs. Its products are based on the most advanced R&Ds in the world, where natural ingredients beat their synthetic alternatives on effectiveness and are more sustainable for the people and the planet. We obsessively choose organic and natural and have zero tolerance for the nasties. For every ingredient and product we bring to you, we reject more. We don’t test on animals. We avoid the use of chemicals like parabens, sulphates and silicones that are questionable about their impact on the environment and people.

“Some cutting-edge deep-tech work has been happening in labs all across the world that takes too much time to reach our country, if it does at all. We’re bringing some of those international quality formulations to our people”, says Vivek.

You can avail the products through other ecommerce websites like and on Anveya’s official website The platform also allows customers to chat with experts to discuss their beauty & personal care goals and get product advice, apart from giving them tips and advice about hair and skin care.