Ashok Leyland designs Sunshine School Bus

sunshine school bus ashok leyland

Ashok Leyland (NSE: ASHOKLEY) has designed sunshine bus for school going children having most ultra modern safety measures till date. This special kind of bus has followed all the safety parameters fixed by the government. Door of the bus is quite safe and heights of the seats are also designed according to the heights of the little children which provides them ease to look through windows without any problem.

It has been usually observed that in the case of the accident, front portion of the bus get damaged badly, which caused big loss to the lives of the innocent children. But, bumper of the Sunshine bus is well built and very strong which do not allow any damage to the internal portion of the bus during front collision.

Unique feature of the Sunshine bus designed by Ashok Leyland is that its emergency door is open toward outside. This bus is fitted with three fire extinguishers of 10 Kg capacity. It also equipped with a first aid box which is helpful in any emergency. Door has safety measures which do not allow striking heads of the children while passing through it.

Free –Flow Fuel System is also fitted in the bus. To stop automatic air pressure Push-to-fit-connector is fitted in the sunshine bus. To remove automatic air-lock, enconc feed pump is also fitted in the bus. Sunshine bus is having metal bumpers which is very strong and provides complete safety to the children in the case of front collision of the bus. These bumpers are easy to repair.

During strict examination of safety measures of the Sunshine bus which are found 90% trustworthy in standards and uptime. Heights of the bus seats are keeping low and its windows are made in such a way that it provides clear and easy vision of the outside to the children.

This is called as best-in-class-visibility and ventilation. Outside scene is visible from each seat of the bus. Guard rail is fitted on the window according to the safety standards. Tooth guards are also fitted in the backside of each seat which provides safety from any possible jerk. Handles are also provided on each seat. Bus is also having an emergency alarm system.

The manufacturer of modern and fit to safety Sunshine School bus, Ashok Leyland is the 2nd largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India, the 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world and the 12th largest manufacturer of trucks globally. With a turnover in excess of US $ 3.3 billion (2016-17) and a footprint that extends across 50 countries, we are one of the most fully-integrated manufacturing companies this side of the globe.

Over 70 million passengers use our buses to get to their destinations every day while over 700,000 trucks keep the wheels of economies moving. With the largest fleet of logistics vehicles deployed in the Indian Army and significant partnerships with armed forces across the globe, Ashok Leyland helps keep borders secure. Headquartered in Chennai, India, our manufacturing Plants spreads across the globe with 9 places; including one each at Great Britain and Ras Al Khaimah (UAE).

To offer you world-class technology and safety R&D team of the Ashok Leyland work continuously. That has always been an area of prime focus of the company.  In an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and innovation, the 1000+ Product Development team seek to harness and adopt technologies that provides value to you as well as address safety and environmental issues.

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