Celebrating the festival of Spinny with extra care & safety- Expects a growth rate of 150% viz a viz last year

Car Joy with extra care - more than 80% buyers took home delivery of cars

New Delhi: Buoyed by an overall steady economic recovery and an increasing preference for personal mobility, owing to the pandemic and social distancing norms; used car sales are anticipated to witness notable growth over the October and November festive period, opines Spinny. The trusted platform for buying and selling used cars, expects to sell over 6,300 cars over October and November, 2021, as against 2,500 cars sold during the same period last year, marking a growth rate of a whopping 150%.

In the unpredictable pandemic period, a car is perceived as the safest mode of personal mobility. Catering to this need, Spinny offers a contemporary solution at each of its touchpoints backed by ‘simple and delightful car ownership’ at the core of every experience whether it’s buying or selling a car.. The entire process is curated to be an online first experience with all details about the car along with a 360 degree view of each car listed on the platform. Once the payment for the Spinny Assured car is received, the vehicle is arranged for delivery directly to the customer’s doorstep, minimizing outside exposure and increasing safety.

Most of these customers are in the age group of 25 to 35 years, salaried professionals who are buying their very first cars, relying on car loans and other financing options. Most of these customers are preferring to buy compact yet feature loaded SUVs, over sedans. It is also interesting to note here that 20% of Spinny’s car buyers were women in 2020. That number rose to 30% in the last six months of 2021.

Speaking about initiatives & festival of Spinny, Niraj Singh, Founder & CEO, Spinny, commented, “Our focus is primarily on the safety aspect during this festive season. We are overwhelmed by the momentum and validation that we are receiving for our services and we are convinced about the safe experience that we can deliver to our customers at all times. We strongly believe that for every decision, precautions and social distancing norms still need to be adhered to, on priority. For the festive season, Spinny has implemented ‘With Extra Care’ initiatives that commit to a safe and contactless buying experience including Home Test Drives and deliveries. The initiative has been fervently welcomed by all our users.”

Spinny plans to expand to 20 to 25 cities from the current 13 cities by the end of 2021.

The clockwork-like precision with a friendly smile, is followed in the supply business with SellRight by Spinny. Spinny assures of giving the best price for your car, instant online offer, free doorstep evaluation and same day payment. With more than 20,000 buyers of Spinny Assured® cars drawn to the brand’s full-stack model and its slew of customer-centric products – Five-Day Moneyback, a One-year Warranty, Fixed Price Assurance and Buyback Assurance backed by fully-sanitized test drives, home deliveries and every safeguard for a contactless buying experience.