Dangal Games associates with Wishes and Blessings to empower underprivileged children

Dangal Games associates with Wishes and Blessings to empower underprivileged children

Dangal Games, India’s booming skill and tech based online gaming platform that secured 1 Million Dollars in ‘Series A’ funding in January 2021, collaborates with an NGO – Wishes and Blessings to provide aid and support to the needy and underprivileged children.

Under the partnership, the gaming company will be supporting the NGO’s projects namely ‘Street to School Programme’ which aims at providing quality education to the children as well as ‘Daily Meals Programme’ supporting the nutritional needs of the children by sponsoring 3 meals on a daily basis.

According to a statistical report by CRY, less than50% of Indian children aged 6-18 do not go to school. More than 50% of India’s children are malnourished. Addressing the pressing issues, Dangal Games is sponsoring education of poor children and supporting them with necessities like Meals to help them build a future that will make them escape poverty.

Emphasising the organisational values that led to the initiative Dangal Games Founder and CEO- Mr. Varun Mahna said, “Our partnership with Wishes and Blessings signifies our commitment towards giving back to the society. As individuals I along with the other co-founders of Dangal Games have always harboured a special spot for welfare of underprivileged children in our hearts.

Education & nutritional needs stand out in the list of primary things required for the overall growth of a child. And it’s exactly why we thought of this as a golden opportunity to channelise our efforts towards bringing a significant change in the lives of little girls through the NGO’s Street to School & Daily Meals Programmes. The most beautiful aspect of this initiative is to witness these children grow alongside our organisation Dangal Games. We hope to continue this association for a longer time & play a bigger role in the society in the near future.”

Commenting on the partnership between Dangal Games and Wishes and Blessings, Founder and President Dr. Geetanjali Chopra says, “We are extremely grateful to be associated with a socially conscious organisation like Dangal. With their CSR support being routed towards the education and support of girl children, we are able to make a sustainable and effective change in the lives of these young girls, and are working towards fulfilling their dreams of stable, independent and empowered futures.”

Dangal Games has been sponsoring the overall growth and development of the kids under the NGO since 2019.