Dehlnavi Food Festival ITC Grand Chola August 3 – 6

The Madras Pavilion at the ITC Grand Chola welcomes diners to a 4-dayDehlnavi Food Trail from August 3 – 6, curated by ITC Hotels.

Experience the splendour of erstwhile Dilli and its vibrant culinary timeline. Over the years, varied communities have come to call the city their home and have given its cuisine a distinct, inimitable style. Dehlnavi cuisine combines Mughal magnificence and Punjabi effervescence, as well as the charms of the Vaishyas, Kayasths and Marwaris.

Served at homes, by food carts or at the high table, Delhi’s flavours, like her unique gharana, tell the story of the city. Successive settlers have invested in the city with their own heirloom flavours and sense of urbanity.

Dehlnavi attempts to recreate the rugged splendour of the Red Fort, the aromas of Chandni Chowk while retaining the old-world charm of erstwhile Dilli, with food that is rich in variety and flavour.

Delhi presents a mosaic of diverse tastes led by the city’s fondness for good food. Celebrating this unique blend of different cultures and flavours, the Dehlnavi Trail offers an experience of some of the most iconic delicacies of Dehlnavi treasures perfected by the master chefs at ITC Hotels.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Mohabbat ka Sherbet: Delicious and refreshing combination of fresh watermelon, rose syrup, milk, sugar, ice cubes, and rose petals
  • ChaatDahiGujia: Deep-fried thick urad dal batter shaped in gujiya, stuffed with dry fruits topped with lip-smacking chutneys and sweetened curd
  • Tulsi Gulab ke Kebab: Cottage cheese tikkas flavoured with holy basil with hung curd
  • Bheke Kebab: Small cakes of lotus stem and potatoes flavoured with garam masala and pan grilled
  • Dilli Fish Fry: A local Delhi variant of fish fry
  • Purani Dilli Fried Chicken: icy variant of chicken marinated overnight with chefs select spices, fried to perfection
  • Matar Paneer Naize: Cottage cheese cooked with tender peas and pine nuts in a rustic onion and tomato gravy
  • Palak Rehani: Spinach and holy basil puree scented with brown garlic
  • Dal Dehlnavi: A combination of moth and split yellow lentils cooked on low heat garnished with pickled ginger julienne, green chili and roasted cumin, served with crisp biscotti roti
  • DillikiNehari: Prime cuts of lamb cooked in brown onion and saffron gravy
  • MirchiNimona Pulao: Basmati rice preparation enriched with whole gentle green chillies stuffed with a peas paste
  • Sarai ki Gosht Biryani: Lamb and basmati rice cooked together with whole spices and finished with angel hair onion
  • ParatheWaliGali Choice of mattar paratha, methi paratha, rave ke parathe, aluanardana paratha, rabri paratha, gobhi adrak paratha
  • Dessert BarafkiHandi Reduced milk scented with crushed almonds and cardamom, served frozen MotiyaZarda traditional ghee enriched yellow-coloured sweet rice preparation cooked with sugar, aromatic spices, saffron and dry fruits

The food trail will start off with chaats such as papdi chaat, and the unique kullekichaat, Bheke Kebab, Tulsike kebab from the walled city. Kullekichaat, for the unversed, is made by scooping out the centres of boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes or summer specials like watermelons, and filling them with a mixture of chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, spices, and tangy chutneys. The stuffed potatoes or watermelon are then garnished with a variety of toppings such as sev, coriander leaves, and chaat masala, which is a spice blend commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Besides the chaats, Dehlnavi cuisine trail will also feature kebabs and fish fry. While bheyke kebab or lotus stem kebabs will stand true to the earnest effort for uniqueness, the other offerings on Purani Dilli Fried Chicken and Fish Fry will reflect the vast diaspora of Mughlai kebabs and street foods of Delhi.

The main course, however will remain the highlight of the fare and perhaps for the first time ever, the vegetarian side will seem more enticing with Dal Dehlnavi served with a crisp biscuitty roti will catch your fancy. Imagine the tantalizing fragrance of slow-cooked moth and split moong dal, infused with the pungency of chopped chillies, roasted cumin, and ginger juliennes. As you dip the sweet, biscuit-like roti into the creamy and thick textured dal, a heavenly blend of flavours dances on your taste buds.

The nimona pulao will be as intriguing as the dal and biscuitty combination, since the usual nimona pulao has green peas (matar), it is given a unique spin with matar stuffed inside the salanmirchis! The matar paneer naize would be the perfect nod to rustic flavours and a smooth, creamy-like texture thanks to the pine nuts. The chatpate soya charra aloo mime the mock meat hype in Mughal corterie introduced by Bania community. While kunni dal which is slow cooked on a gentle flame with a blend of Bengal gram and black lentils is infused with a handful of secret spices and a hint of garlic, is sure to comfort you to no end.

The non-vegetarian fare on the other side will be as royal as it could get. Expect the all-time favourite Dilli Butter Chicken in luscious gravy with a velvety texture and an indulgent buttery taste that coats the tongue. The juicy and tender boneless chicken pieces perfectly cooked and complemented the buttery goodness of the dish, will guarantee a lasting impression on the taste buds. The extravagant Nihari and Gosht Pulao, irresistibly delicious will add the perfect touch of Mughlai to the unforgettable experience.

The dessert platter will be the perfect conclusion to the hearty meal – with Barf Ki Handi and decadent kheer (Khurchan) and gulab jamun.

Chef Rais who has been instrumental in laying the foundation of Dehlnavi as a brand will be orchestrating the trail, as our chefs take you on an immersive culinary journey, showcasing unique gems from our capital city.

The Dehlnavi Food Trail can be experienced for dinner from 3 – 6th August 2023 at The Madras Pavilion, ITC Grand Chola.

Dates: August 3- 6 2023
Venue: The Madras Pavilion
Time: 7.30 – 11.30 pm

For reservation and queries please contact
044 22200000
9677050598( MB NO)

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