EXCLUSIVE Interview with Boxer Mohammad Mustafa

Boxer Mustafa

Boxer Mustafa talks about his boxing journey, goal and relevance of the sport in the Indian context. Read the interesting details below.

How has been your boxing journey so far? 

I was a happy-go-lucky boy. Boxing was never ever in my thoughts. Unfortunately, I met with a major accident. Fortunately, I survived. Instead of choosing a bed of roses, I picked up boxing for life.  That was a turning point. I overcame my fears, got unstuck and fueled my dream to be a boxer. I am still learning the sport. I practice it extensively. I win professional matches. It was also a pleasure to participate in India’s first boxing league – SBL. Life is full of twists and turns; I cannot afford to diverge the goal of my life.


What’s the goal of your life? 

Everybody has a dream, whether it is to be becoming filthy rich, flying own helicopter or owning a lavish villa. People plan of becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, or perhaps even professors, however, for me, this is not the case. Boxing is a lifelong journey for me, and my goal is to hold the proud WBC belt.


How boxing is different from other sports? 

Boxing is a terrific character creator. It imparts boxers to look after themselves physically, psychologically and mentally. A boxer is taught to eat appropriately and drink properly. Boxing is all about having a strong presence of mind and using the right techniques, correctly.  One uses their own skills and aptitude to show that they are the finest at what they do, whether it is to use their fight and fists, rather than the use of a ball, racquet, bat, or even a stick.


Boxing for self-defense, is it good? 

Boxing could be a strong mechanism for self-defense.It is as effective as any fight sport that involves full power striking, shielding against opponents and then scuffling tough to see what it is like.The benefit that boxing delivers is to become anywhere near capable, you must be in shape. Boxing fastens brains as well. India is proficient of producing boxers, but players lack consistency.


How’s the craze for boxing in Indian youth and women?

Boxing in India is nearly lifeless, however, with more boxers entering the rings every year, I hope it gives a huge boost for boxers and for youngsters to participate in the sport at a large level. I still see many boxers coming from rural portions of India. Urban and metro audiences yet to generate their interest levels and be enthusiastic for the sport.


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