Nyra Banerjee turns Karan Khanna into Khal Drogo!

StarPlus’ popular offering Divya Drishti is surprising their viewers with unexpected twists and turns with every new episode and making them wonder what’s next in the loop? What viewers also love is the camaraderie between the lead actors Nyra Banerjee and Karan Khanna onscreen as well as off screen.

While Karan and Nyra are playing husband and wife in reel life, what many people are not aware is that Nyra and Karan have been best of friends since the past 8 years. Both of them share a lot of things in common, one of them being their undying love for Game of Thrones. Since the Game of Thrones fever is on, Nyra became a personal stylist for Karan Khanna and gave him a makeover as Khal Drogo.

Nyra shared, “Drogo is one of my most favorite characters in the series, he is the strongest, very masculine and Macho, just like Karan. Not just that, Karan’s long beard and the hair is very resembling to Khal Drogo and hence I decided to give him a quick makeover.”

Stunned by Nyra’s creativity, Karan shared, “With Game of Thrones fever around the corner, Nyra surprised me with Khal Drogo look and I am totally loving it. “

Well, this definitely shows us that how unbeatable their chemistry is both on as well as off screen!