IHL care to usher in holistic health in residential societies

IHL care to usher in holistic health in residential societies

IHL Care, a smart, holistic health and wellness care solution from India Health Link, is all set to become an integral part of residential societies.

IHL Care is leveraging on the high level of technological penetration in residential societies in India including Smart Grocery dispensing, or Smart Gate entry system, or Accounts Management, hi-tech solutions.

IHLCare consists of a self-service ATM size health station called “hPod”, capable of screening 20 vital parameters including key parameters like Blood Pressure, Temperature, Body Mass Composition, Pulse, SPO2, and ECG. The software platform is capable of connecting users to prominent neighborhood hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories instantly.

The IHLCare platform brings home healthcare services to the doorsteps of the residents. IHL Care platform from India Health Link is a first of its kind personalized health solution combining easy access hardware (HW) and an API-first integrated software (SW).

The platform offers instant consultations with doctors and fitness consultants and door-step laboratory and pharmacy services from the neighborhood ‘care’ partners. The platform also offers alternate therapies like yoga, Zumba, meditation, and naturopathy along with modern medicines to provide holistic health care options to residents. It also provides community health insights to enable health programs in support of healthcare partners to keep the community healthy and fit.

IHL is launching its award-winning services along with its neighborhood service partners, Astra Hospital, I Nurse Home Healthcare, and Lifecare Medical Supplies in Purva Highland Apartment located off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

“The company is working to create a meaningful care ecosystem that is accessible, human-centric, and intelligent for communities to facilitate hassle-free, regular health check-ups at the residents’ convenience and spread a wellness care culture in India that will work well to reduce NCDs burden and minimize the incidence of late diagnosis and treatment dropouts”, says Dr. Satyender Goel, CEO, India Health Link says

Purva Highland apartment association secretary Vikram expressed his happiness. We needed to visit the clinics to get the basic examination done. This equipment helps us to regularly check out vitals in the comfort and get the consultation if we require doctors’ attention.

The company is planning to ramp up deploying IHL Care solutions in more than 50 apartments across the city of Bangalore in the next quarter and have a rapid expansion plan to cover all the metro cities by the end of 2022.