JAYPORE presents Chandini a romantic Moon-inspired collection perfect for the Pre-Festive Season

New Delhi; 31st August 2023Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited’s (ABFRL’s) artisanal lifestyle brand JAYPORE, renowned for its exquisite ethnic apparel and accessories has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the prefestive collection “Chandini“. Embodying the very essence of celestial allure, “Chandini” is an artistic tribute to the cosmic dance of the moon and the resplendent grandeur of Mughal aesthetics. With a profound dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship and cultural narratives, JAYPORE has meticulously crafted each piece in the “Chandini” collection.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing ballet of the moon, “Chandini” weaves a magical tapestry of Mughal motifs and reflections onto luxurious cotton silk fabric, dyed naturally in indigo and madder. Each piece in this collection is a masterful osmosis of heritage techniques and contemporary flair. Evoking an air of regal sophistication and celestial charm that resonates with women of discerning tastes. The collection features intricate khadi block prints and elegant hand embroidery, celebrating ancient craft traditions inspired by Mughal motifs and blending them with contemporary allure.

The “Chandini” collection boasts a breathtaking array of festive silhouettes, inviting women to embrace their inner celestial goddesses. From enigmatic ‘angrakhas’ to dreamy short kurtas with ‘shararas’, grand ‘kalidar kurtas’, and charming straight kurtas with churidar bottoms, this collection offers a range of distinctive styles to suit every celebration and occasion. Fashion enthusiasts with a penchant for elegance and sophistication can immerse themselves in the elegance of “Chandini,” celebrating the joy of festivities with its regal charm and timeless designs.

Rashmi Shukla, Business Head & Sr Vice President- JAYPORE, said, “With the festivities approaching, ‘Chandini‘ emerges as the quintessential range to adorn. The golden hues, reminiscent of celestial beauty, infuse each piece with an unparalleled richness. This union of khadi block print with hand embroidery creates a sophisticated silhouette. The collection is incredibly versatile and was crafted with not just one festival in mind, but to seamlessly fit into all celebratory occasions.”

Enthusiasts can indulge in the exquisite Chandini collection and immerse themselves in a world where nature, culture, and functionality blend effortlessly. The premium collection starts at a price of Rs. 5990/-. Discover the celestial charm of “Chandini” by JAYPORE, available at our exclusive outlets and website.

Available Online Here: https://www.jaypore.com/shop-collection/chandinijaypore