“No One Says I Am Like My Father,” Says Bobby Deol On92.7 Big Fm

“No One Says I Am Like My Father,” Says Bobby Deol On92.7 Big Fm
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As a child, the sound of the school bell going off at the end of the day was simply music to the ears. Recess, homework, games, detention, remarks, and stars from teachers have been one of the most beautiful parts of our childhood. But everything isn’t always fun and games for children. Parental pressure, competitiveness, comparisons between one child and the other are the harsh realities that children today have to face. Actress-turned -radio jockey Vidya Balan is doing wonders with her new show Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan’ on 92.7 Big FM bringing to light prevalent issues faced by people in today’s society. This time around, the actress stirs up a conversation about children and talks with B-town celebrities like Jimmy Shergill, Renuka Shahane and Bobby Deol.

When asked about pressurizing his son, Jimmy Shergill said, “I think in your tension to come first in your next race, you are often left behind in the race of life. Because all you are thinking is that this is my next race, which I have to ace, but you are not thinking ahead. Every person should be allowed to discover themselves and should not be pressured into a race. I have told my son that the day you don’t feel like studying I’ll take you out of school. Come to me with a goal. The day you realize that your goal has nothing to do with your studies, I’ll take you out of school.”

When asked if children are being pressurized in schools, Renuka Shahane said, “Yes, our education system wants toppers in schools. Teachers pay special attention to kids who excel academically or in sports. There are so many children who don’t shine in either of these. Every child should feel wanted in a school and in life. They should be praised for what they are good at. There has to be a holistic outlook. If you don’t value children, how do you expect them to value the education system? All the achievers, if you see, carve a different way for themselves and that’s why they are achievers.”

On asked if he was pressurized to fit in his father’s shoes, Bobby Deol said, “I never thought of it. I wish I had. It is not pressuring, it’s the public’s way of looking at you and they’ll keep comparing you. Luckily, no one says that I act like my father, I am different. I never try to be different; I never try to be like him. Every individual is different, but sometimes people just keep comparing you to others and spoil your career. This didn’t happen to me because if it had, I wouldn’t be in the industry for so many years.”