“We Are All Staying In Glass Houses And Yet Throwing Stones At Others’ Houses.” Says Vidya Balan On 92.7 Big Fm

My Bollywood Dream Came Alive In Ooh La La, Ooh La La,” Says Vidya Balan On Big F 9M2.7
'Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho' Show

Everyone’s favourite actor and RJ – Vidya Balan who is hosting 92.7 BIG FM’s Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho, experienced the tables being turned when in a Friday special episode, Mumbai Ka Sabse Bada Struggler RJ Abhilash spoke to her about her journey as an artist. Vidya who has recently taken to being an RJ for the network, is often the one posing questions to her guests. However, this Friday things got interesting when the star was on the hot seat herself and the conversation veered towards Vidya’s 2011 blockbuster film ‘No One Killed Jessica.’ On the show, the actor opened about the roller-coaster of feelings she went through while shooting for a film that is close to her heart.

Speaking about the challenging role she played as the victim’s sister Sabrina Vidya Balan said, “We were shooting the candle light march scene and I was actually a little emotional, not just me but everyone on set. I think everyone knew the importance of this particular scene. It is such a powerful, potent moment. I remember telling the director that saying lines in this scene didn’t feel right, and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’,  because what else can you express in such a moment.  You are fighting a battle all alone and suddenly the world has joined you, you can’t say anything except, just, thank you.  And the director agreed with me and we improvised on that. I can’t express the beautiful feeling I had when we did this scene.”

Vidya further gives her insight on the trial by media and the rage it has become in the recent past, she shared, “I think we should all be a little more responsible. It’s become very fashionable, very cool to have an opinion and voice an opinion about everything that too publicly on a social media platform. What’s happening is that the media is becoming the judge, jury and executioner, which shouldn’t happen.  I think we should leave this to the judiciary, let them do their job. To shame people without all the facts is absolutely wrong. This has happened to someone else today, it can happen to you and me also someday.  We are all staying in glass houses and yet throwing stones at others’ houses.”

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