Otipy to acquire women resellers through its partnership with SHEROES


Otipy, one of India’s fastest growing social commerce ventures, in partnership with the largest women-centric social networking app, SHEROES, today announced a new initiative to empower thousands of women pan-India, by providing them with an earning opportunity as Otipy partner resellers.

The partnership between Otipy and SHEROES will be based on a revenue-sharing model, with strong synergies between both the app-based platforms. The idea of the initiative is that women can take advantage of the current scenario to earn and become independent while being in the comfort of their homes. By choosing to partner with Otipy and SHEROES, interested resellers could be just a step away from being self-reliant earners, without the need for any additional investment. Through just a few clicks, they can be empowered within their communities by selling and coordinating deliveries of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables to thousands of homes.

SHEROESThe initiative is looking to partner with more than 1,000 women in becoming Otipy resellers, in the Delhi-NCR region alone. For starters, resellers will be supporting farmers by taking up the mantle of delivering fresh farm produce in the Delhi-NCR region. The objective is to provide healthier alternatives to an increasingly health-conscious society, which is yearning for safe, hygienic and eco-friendly products as an alternative to the standard-fare products of questionable quality, that are usually available at a corner store. The hope is to create a healthier ecosystem, while simultaneously enabling women to make most of an opportunity to attain financial independence and recognition. Otipy, along with SHEROES, wishes to replicate this model across the country, as they intend to leverage the expansive SHEROES community to find enthusiastic women partners.

Speaking about the partnership Varun Khurana, Founder, Otipy said “Otipy is thrilled to partner with SHEROES, as they have been at the forefront of creating tangible impact in society through the creation of a community exclusively for women, which allows them to explore expert opinions and work opportunities among other things. Otipy shares similar values with SHEROES and we hope that through this initiative, thousands of women will be provided financial avenues while driving the larger purpose of healthier food consumption in the country.”

Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO SHEROES said “One of our major goals has always been to facilitate the inclusion of women into the workforce and our partnership with Otipy only strengthens our resolve in reaching that ambition. It is our belief that Otipy’s opportunity has the potential to transform the prevalent thinking behind women-centric decision making and we are working towards creating success stories that have the power to reinforce the ecosystem for the empowerment of women.”

Otipy’s platform has been designed to meet the requirements of an average smartphone user, with a friendly app interface and simple payment gateways, while ensuring quick next-day delivery. Otipy and SHEROES encourage users and community champions on the app to apply by logging in to their accounts and make use of the opportunity and become partner resellers.